Chelsea Pines Inn

Focus On Guests and Profits, Not Paperwork

The Chelsea Pines Inn, a 22-room guesthouse straddling the border between two of New York City’s trendiest neighborhoods, can’t afford to come up short on customer care. Inn General Manager Al Ridolfo understood this and recognized that his paper-based manual system for managing operations and bookings posed a threat to profits and service quality.

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SoLven Hospitality

Save Time and Improve Bookings with Multiple Property Support from innRoad

Steve Soldatovich, CEO of SolVen Hospitality, uses innRoad to manage his six properties in New Jersey. With the time savings his property managers are able to stay focused on their guests needs, guaranteeing a great stay every time. The six properties managed by SolVen use innRoad to take advantage of the demand in the market place with easily implemented discounts and rate changes that are instantly pushed out to every online channel, saving time and improving bookings.

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Enclave Inn

Increase Operational Efficiency innRoad’s Cloud-Based PMS

Guest service is arguably the most critical element of success or failure in every hospitality business. However, when your customer service agents are spending all their time organizing reservations and do not have access to the latest data across properties, customer service levels ultimately fall off, as one innRoad customer discovered.

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