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Are you a social media participant?

Today, many brands, both large and small, have a presence on social media.  It ranges from simply maintaining a Facebook page to integrating the major channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare and Google+, into their annual marketing plan. All of these social media channels are great tools that connect properties with consumers who appreciate and wish to engage with your brand.  However, from a hotel operator standpoint, being on social media should be viewed as an opportunity, not a requirement.

Social media isn’t a magical tool that will instantly bring you new guests.  It works the same as any other task or project – the more time and effort you put into it, the better your results will be.

Social media participation can be divided into three categories, what category do you fall in to?

1)     Non-participant – Has no social media presence and does not plan to in the future.

2)     Semi-participant – Has a social media presence, but does not regularly post updates or engage with guests.

3)     Participant or Soon-to-be-Participant – Has, or plans to have, a social media presence and regularly posts updates and engages with guests.

If you are a non-participant, it is completely OK.  Social media is not for everyone and every brand.

If you are a semi-participant, it may be time to evaluate whether you should move into the non-participant or participant category.

If you cannot devote the time needed to update your accounts and engage with guests regularly, you may be harming your brand more than helping.  It’s great to say, “I’m on Facebook!,” but if a potential guest visits your page and notices unaddressed inquiries or that your last update was posted in October 2012, it may change their perception of your brand enough for them to book a room elsewhere.  If you’re still not sure which category you fall into, a tried and true test of your participation social media is: If you cannot remember your password or the last time you posted, it may be time to delete those accounts.

If you consider yourself a social media participant, or soon-to-be participant, and wish to get the most out of your efforts, innRoad will be providing regular tips and tactics to help you achieve your goals.  We’ll be covering a variety of topics, including establishing a content calendar, crisis management and how to measure social media ROI.

Social media is a fun and powerful tool that can be leveraged to help generate awareness and ultimately revenue for your property.  Stay tuned for more social media tips from innRoad. In the meantime, tell us on our facebook page what has been your most successful social media campaign to date?


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