Cloud based Hotel Management Software

Understanding innRoad Technology: What is “the Cloud?”

At innRoad, we provide independent hotel operators with our all-in-one, cloud-based hotel PMS to help them enhance their daily operations and deliver first-class hospitality to their guests.

Our team, as well as our loyal customers, can easily speak about the ins and outs of our software.  However, we know that when it comes to understanding technology, there is often a learning curve for most people.  And now with “the cloud” regularly mentioned on TV and online, another layer of intrigue has been added to how technology really works.

To unfamiliar users, the cloud sounds like a mysterious place where information just floats around.  Because you cannot see, touch or feel it, there is a general curiosity about what it does and how it works.  Since innRoad relies on the cloud to deliver our software to customers, we wanted to take some time to answer some frequently asked questions, as well as explain why the cloud is such a great benefit to independent hotel operators.

To start, have you ever downloaded an app or song to your mobile phone or purchased a book on your tablet?  If so, then you’re already using the cloud.  Popular technology blog Mashable defines the cloud as, “A network of servers, and each server has a different function. Some servers use computing power to run applications or “deliver a service.”

What the cloud essentially does is remove the need to have special equipment or hardware so you can access and use software programs on your computer or other devices.  When you purchased a computer in the past, you most likely had to insert various disks to download software packages. Today, most software is either quickly downloaded from the cloud or you can simply login directly to begin performing your daily tasks.

With innRoad, hotel operators do not need any special hardware, disks or other equipment.  All the technology needed is stored within the cloud, so from day one, our customers simply login from their computer and begin managing their property easier, faster and more efficiently.

A question that everyone, both new and long-time users, asks is, how secure is the cloud?  In short, very secure.  As a partner to the hotel industry, we know that data security is a priority for owners and managers, so we take all the necessary steps to protect it.

Property data at innRoad is encrypted so it is safe while being transmitted and stored in the cloud.  We regularly backup data and store it in two separate technology centers, so our customers trust that it will not get lost.  And one hotel’s data will never get mixed with another’s while being stored on the cloud.  Your data will always and only be your data.

With the cloud’s cutting-edge technology and security features, it’s usually assumed that it’s unaffordable for independent hotel operators.  However, the reality is just the opposite.  Because the need for custom hardware and special equipment is eliminated, operating in the cloud provides a significant cost savings that we are able to pass along to our customers.  It’s a great benefit for all.

Hopefully this has helped you better understand what the cloud does and how it works.  More importantly, we hope that you are able to see how innRoad uses the cloud to benefit independent hotel operators and help them to deliver exceptional hospitality experiences to their guests.