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Increase ADR and RevPAR with a Booking Engine and Local Partnerships

Increasing Average Daily Rate (ADR) and maximizing Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) are two major responsibilities for every hotelier.  ADR and RevPAR, along with occupancy, dictate the health of your hotel’s performance and serve as guideposts for forecasting future revenue and profitability. …

Hotel OTAs: Opportunities or Obstacles?

Over the past 20 years, the consumer travel experience has changed dramatically.  With travel information easily accessible online, consumers make decisions about destinations, flights, rental cars and hotels in a matter of minutes.  And with the booking power of Online Travel Agents (OTAs), such as…
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Tips to Develop a Hotel Social Media Plan

Even for the most technology-savvy person, managing the social media presence for a business can be challenging.  The common initial thought is, “Oh, it’s just Facebook!” or “Oh, it’s just Twitter!”  However, managing an active hotel social media business account for your property is…
improve hotel operations with a hotel management system

Sr. QA Engineer

New York, NY and Hyderabad, India
innRoad is seeking passionate software AND QA engineers who crave challenging environments and delivering great products. Join a team that builds websites, mobile apps, and distributed APIs with a variety of technologies. Opportunities are available in our New York City and Hyderabad offices.
improve hotel operations with a hotel management system

An Integrated Hotel Management System is Key to Your Success

Working in a true 24/7/365 industry, all hotel operators, both first-time managers and seasoned veterans, know that it takes more than strong leadership, a knowledgeable and well-organized team to keep things running smoothly. It helps to have the appropriate tools and technology, to efficiently…