Upgrade Hotel Property Management System

Making the Switch: Upgrading Your Hotel Management System

upgrade-hotel-PMSWhen we speak with potential customers who are considering upgrading their current hotel management system (PMS), many have already researched the benefits of innRoad’s cloud-based PMS software, but are still reluctant to switch to a new system. Though their current PMS may run slowly or not have all the functions needed to efficiently operate their hotel, concerns of facing a difficult transition from one system to another hinder operators from making a decision that will ultimately improve their hotel’s performance.

To address the worries of independent hotel owners and operators who are upgrading their hotel management systems, we would like to explain the simple process of transitioning to innRoad, as well as the immediate benefits hoteliers receive from our cloud-based, all-inclusive hotel PMS. With innRoad, our goal is to help hotel property managers save time and enhance their front desk and back office operations, so they can focus their energy on providing wonderful experiences for their guests.

Before we dive into the transition process, let’s quickly look at the two most common types of PMS systems on the market. First, we have local client/server-based hotel PMS systems. These systems require specialized software and hardware, as well as dedicated space in the back office or an “IT Closet” to house an on-premise server. Because of the customization and hardware required, these systems can be very expensive to purchase and maintain over their lifecycle.

Secondly, like innRoad, there are cloud-based hotel management systems available. With no special hardware required, operators access their PMS and manage their property via the internet with cloud-based software. Cloud-technology provides significant cost savings and flexibility for busy property managers, so more and more independent hoteliers are moving to cloud-based systems to manage their hotels. Hospitality technology website, PropertyManagementSoftwareGuide.com, notes, “Property managers are adopting this Internet-centric model to offload the burden of server maintenance and data backup, while expanding access to their system and providing their staff with an intuitive user interface.”

However, even with cloud-based systems making hotel property management easier, all hotel PMS systems are not created equally. Some systems may appear inexpensive, but they require several software add-ons that are not included in the base price. So the cost savings that operators thought they were receiving quickly vanish and, in some cases, the “cheaper” system can cost as much (or more) than a top-tier, all-inclusive hotel PMS.

innRoad is designed to be an all-inclusive and affordable hotel property management system. To provide hotel operators with the best value, innRoad’s pricing starts as low as $150 per month. And this includes ALL of the core functionality independent hoteliers need to enhance their operations and optimize performance, such as:

  • Property Management: Manage reservations, guest check-in and check-out, billing and other important functions through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Booking Engine: Capture commission-free reservations with innRoad’s powerful Booking Engine.
  • Global Distribution: Increase online visibility through online travel agents such as Expedia, Orbitz and Booking.com.
  • Revenue Manager: Optimize important performance metrics such as Average Daily Rate (ADR), Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) and Occupancy.

Once operators make the decision to power their hotel with innRoad, we align them with a dedicated implementation manager who ensures a seamless transition to our cloud-based software. We encrypt important property data so it remains secure while being transferred and stored in the cloud. And as an added layer of security, innRoad utilizes a dual data center backup system to ensure all information stored in the cloud is never compromised or lost.

Our implementation managers then train hotel managers and staff members on how to get the most out of innRoad’s easy-to-use functions, making sure everyone is comfortable with our cloud-based hotel property management system. And for the lifetime of their partnership with innRoad, hotel operators have 24×7 access to our technical support team so any questions and concerns can be addressed immediately.

After the customer onboarding process is complete, independent operators are equipped with all the tools needed to enhance their hotel’s performance. innRoad will allow them to save time, streamline operations, serve more guests, maximize revenue, increase profitability and, ultimately, grow their hospitality business. With innRoad, operators have the power and control to efficiently and affordably manage their hotels all within one, fully integrated system.

Let innRoad get your hotel on its path to profits with our all-inclusive, cloud-based hotel property management software. Contact us today.