Build guest loyalty with your hotel PMS software

As veteran independent hotel operators know well, attracting new guests is key to generating incremental revenue. However, it’s loyal, returning guests who are the foundation of a hotel’s long-term success. The process of cultivating guest loyalty requires hoteliers to consistently deliver exceptional service, anticipate traveler needs and continuously differentiate from their competitors over a sustained period of time. To execute these loyalty-building tactics, hoteliers need strong leadership from team members, sound operations and modern technology to support the complexities of hotel management.

innRoad’s cloud-based hotel property management (PMS) software provides hotel operators with a solution for attracting new visitors and converting them into loyalists. Our all-inclusive, fully integrated hotel PMS software, allows operators to manage the relationship-building process with ease. innRoad positions independent hoteliers to develop strong guest relationships by providing the tools needed to achieve the objectives below:

Connect with guests before they arrive.
When travelers are deciding where to stay, they can easily access social media, blogs, videos and websites to read reviews from travel experts and previous visitors. While the viewpoints of others are important, discerning travelers will always research hotels for themselves before making a final decision. This is why having an established online presence is vital for independent hotels.

With innRoad’s hotel PMS software, operators can transform their existing website into a commission-free reservation booking channel with our Booking Engine. And to increase online exposure, innRoad plugs hotels into the Global Distribution network, which includes leading online travel agents (OTAs) like Expedia and

These features allow hotel operators to deliver accurate, first-hand information directly to travelers. Once travelers have booked their reservation, hoteliers have the information needed to begin a two-way dialogue and initiate the loyalty-building process.

Manage every aspect of the guest experience.
When travelers arrive and are ready to enjoy their stay, innRoad’s cloud-based Hotel Property Management System provides operators with the tools needed to manage the entire guest experience.

innRoad’s intuitive and easy-to-use functionality makes the check-in process quick and easy. Detailed profiles, history and master accounts help hoteliers track guest preferences and ensure that charges are correctly routed. And operational performance reporting, including housekeeping and group management, keeps team members up-to-date on any enhancements needed to guarantee each guest receives exceptional service and first-class hospitality.

Set expectations for their next visit.
With check-out being the last opportunity to leave a lasting and memorable impression with guests, it’s important that hoteliers are properly equipped so this process is fast and easy for travelers.

Our hotel PMS software makes the billing process smooth for guests, as well as front desk team members. Features such as accounts receivable functionality, master and individual folio management and charge routing reduce opportunities for mistakes that could negatively impact the guest experience and prevent future bookings.

Developing and sustaining loyalty-driven relationships with guests is a long-term and delicate process. However, earning guest loyalty is the best way independent hotel operators can guarantee themselves future success. Learn more about how innRoad can help your hotel achieve its goals by registering for a personalized demonstration today.