Empower your team with hotel automation software

empower-with-hotel-automation-softwareDuring high-traffic periods, independent hotel owners and operators rely heavily on their team members to keep operations running smoothly and visiting guests happy.  With their attention focused primarily on the guest experience, it’s easy for operators to assume their teams are performing their best with the tools they’re provided.  Though this may be true, operators should evaluate their team’s productivity from a different perspective.  Hoteliers should ask themselves, “Am I providing my team with the best tools to do their jobs?”

In speaking with managers who have examined their team’s productivity, a common discovery is though tasks are being completed, manual methods and inadequate hotel property management systems (PMS) are causing their teams to suffer in the areas of efficiency, organization and the ability to complete tasks quickly.

To help solve this complex operational issue, innRoad has developed a cloud-based hotel automation software solution that streamlines operations, allows team members to work faster and more efficiently and provides hoteliers with a tool for enhancing productivity.  With our all-inclusive hotel management software powering daily operations, owners and operators can expect to see following improvements in their team’s productivity:

Easier management of reservations and inventory.
innRoad’s full integrated software design links global distribution channels, including Online Travel Agents (OTAs) like Orbitz and Expedia, to the property management system, so every time a room is booked, it is automatically removed from inventory across all channels.  Team members no longer have to remove rooms one-by-one from each OTA and the PMS – instantly reducing opportunities for overbooking and eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.

Faster guest check-in and check-out.
Whether guests are arriving to rest and relax or preparing to return home, team members will be able to get them on their way faster with our hotel automation software’s PMS capabilities.  The user-friendly interface places important functions and information, such as a reservation grid, guest profiles and history, group accounts, folios and statements, all within one, easy-to-use system.  With all guest data saved and managed within innRoad’s PMS, team members can improve their organization and transition away from paper files, so guest check-in and check-out is executed easier and faster.

Improved reporting and accountability.
As mentioned above, busy managers occasionally rely on assumptions rather than data-driven facts.  innRoad removes the guesswork from hotel operations by providing a full complement of operational performance reports.  Our reporting features allow managers and team members to remain up-to-date on the property’s performance across multiple areas, including reservations, account and group management, inventory, housekeeping and financial.  Configuration settings allow managers to limit access to sensitive information, so they remain in complete control of their properties.  With innRoad’s reporting capabilities, managers can empower their teams to set expectations, remain highly productive and hold themselves accountable for their contributions to the hotel’s overall success.

innRoad’s cloud-based hotel automation software has the power to position your hotel to capture more bookings, streamline operations and generate greater profits.  Put your hotel on its path to profits by watching a tour of innRoad’s productivity-enhancing capabilities and scheduling a personalized demo today.