Enhance your property website with a booking engine

booking-engineAs many seasoned hoteliers would agree, operating an independent hotel is a rewarding, yet challenging, endeavor.  One of the more difficult tasks for operators is developing strong brand recognition.  Independents do not have large marketing budgets like major brands, such as Hilton and Marriott, so they must maximize every opportunity to market and position their hotel in front of potential guests.  For independent hotels, their website is their most important marketing tool.

While social media and email are helpful pieces of an online marketing strategy, a hotel’s website will always be its strongest asset. Websites do not require you to register or login before viewing, so they are the easiest way for people to find information.  Travelers can view countless lodging options with just a few clicks, so it’s critical to convert their curiosity into a reservation while you have their attention.  With innRoad’s powerful Booking Engine software, operators can enhance their website to capture reservations from audiences across the globe.

A key feature of our fully integrated, cloud-based hotel management system, our booking engine software transforms your website into a destination for travelers looking to book their next business or leisure stay.  Here are some key advantages hoteliers can expect with innRoad:

Leverage an Existing Asset
innRoad’s booking engine software integrates into your existing website, eliminating a lengthy and expensive website development project.  With our customizable interface, we can easily match the look and feel of your website and brand.  And our easy-to-use functionality allows you to publish rich content that will showcase your property and capture the attention of curious travelers.

Enhance the Guest Experience
With our booking engine software integrated into your website, potential guests can seamlessly navigate the reservation process without clicking away from your site.  For travelers’ on-the-go, our Mobile Booking Engine allows guests to easily book rooms from a mobile device without compromising the user experience.  And once reservations are booked, you can deliver confirmation emails enhanced with customized rich text and images to provide guests with a preview of their experience before arriving.

Access Real-Time Information
innRoad’s booking engine software provides real-time information to both operators and guests.  When rooms are removed from inventory or rates are changed, updated information is automatically published, so guests are able to view rates, special offers and availability that are accurate and up-to-date.  For hoteliers, innRoad provides comprehensive reports so you can monitor reservation activities and remain in total control of your hotel’s performance.

Increase Revenue
Most importantly, innRoad’s booking engine positions your hotel to generate stronger revenues.  Every reservation booked through your website is commission-free, so more hard-earned dollars stay in your pocket.  Our software’s built-in flexibility allows you to create revenue enhancing up-sell opportunities with room bundles that include retail items or special experience packages.  And to protect your bottom line during special events and busy periods, operators can activate a dynamic deposit and cancellation policy, based on room type and stay dates, so last-minute cancelations do not leave you with vacant rooms and empty pockets.

In addition to our booking engine software, operators receive a full complement of tools to enhance their hotel and the guest experience, including our Property Management System, Global Distribution Services and Hotel Revenue Manager.  Contact us today to schedule a demo of innRoad’s powerful booking engine software and experience first-hand how our cloud-based, fully integrated hotel management system can get your hotel on its path to profits.