HITEC 2014: Guests and the Cloud

HITEC 2014Two weeks ago our team got to spend three days at HITEC 2014, the world’s largest hospitality technology show. Put on by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), this show is the forefront of hotel technology. Serving more than 5500 attendees, HITEC serves as a vehicle for encouraging the dissemination of the most current applications to the industry worldwide. What we love about the show is that it highlights areas in which the industry is evolving while staying focused on the most important thing- the guest.

The two themes that we thought were most interesting about the show were:
1.    Guest Services Innovations
2.    Cloud is the standard

The Power of the Guest
There were so many guest services innovations at the show. As guests become more technologically savvy and reliant, they also want the option to reduce operational inefficiencies with their technology. We saw that in the use of technology to check into their rooms via phone- bypassing the front desk all together. In the next couple years, we are interested to watch the evolution of the front desk.

With the use of guest technology and the impact of the collaborative economy there is a greater focus on generating additional revenue per guest. This can be done by monitoring social networks, but also making it easier for guests to serve themselves increases the amount of revenue generated per guest per stay. A great example is the ability of an app that allows guests to order drinks while at the pool. Giving power to guests, (to get what they want when they want it, using technology they are very comfortable with), makes for a great guest experience, and allows hotels to increase their revenue per guest stay.

These kinds of innovations are changing the way that the hospitality industry is creating a great guest experience. There are some challenges that are still playing out like data security and exactly HOW to create an amazing self-service guest experience while still being able to provide a great in-person experience as well, but that’s why we love HITEC 2014- constant innovation. Next year these issues will be addressed and there will be even more technology to support them.

Cloud isn’t an Option, it’s the Standard
In the past three years we’ve seen our industry get more and more comfortable with the cloud, while learning exactly what “100% cloud-based” means. There still seems to be some confusion about the difference between cloud-based and access via the cloud. The difference lies in the accessibility and the data limitations of applications that aren’t 100% cloud-based. In order for a system to be 100% cloud-based it can’t require downloading of any kind in order for it to work. The benefits to 100% cloud-based applications are:

  • Speed
  • Data quality
  • Security
  • Easy updates

With a 100% cloud-based application, all the data is kept and available in the cloud. This means it can be accessed via other applications in the cloud, all without relying on any hardware or software to be activated in order to access the important data. For example, when room availability and rates are kept in the cloud, they can be instantly updated in any OTAs. And, there’s never any question of security, as the data is secured via the vendor, who is responsible for keeping up a certain security level. Having a system that’s 100% cloud-based allows hotels to focus on their guests, not their hardware and software.

With the 100% cloud-based single system from innRoad, hotels benefit from:

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