Why guests cannot find your hotel

guests-find-your-hotelWhen you turn on the television, it’s hard to miss the commercials from Online Travel Agents (OTAs), like Booking.com and Expedia, and hotel rate comparison sites, such as TripAdvisor and Trivago, enticing consumers to book family trips and romantic getaways.  Skift, a travel intelligence company, recently ranked the world’s most trafficked travel booking sites and leading the way are Booking.com and the collection of TripAdvisor sites with a combined 370 million estimated desktop views in May 2014, a 13.7% increase from January 2014.  Followed up with a strong year-over-year performance by U.S. hotels in June, Occupancy +2.9%, Average Daily Rate +4.3% and Revenue Per Available Room +7.2%, it appears that travelers reacted positively to the mass media blitz.

While the media activity and consumer reaction is great for the hotel industry as a whole, there are properties who are missing out on this opportunity to capture new guests and increase their revenue and profits.  Hotels that are not connected to a global distribution network do not appear in search results on OTAs and rate comparison sites when travelers are looking to book rooms.  Without global distribution, hotels are limited in their opportunities to showcase their property and compete for revenue from new guests.  With current hotel profitability comparable to levels reached before the 2008 economic downturn, owners and operators not linked to global distribution channels must decide if their strategy is best for the long-term health of their business.

Hotels that utilize innRoad’s cloud-based property management system receive Global Distribution connectivity as part of our all-inclusive hotel management software package.  Paired with our Property Management System, Booking Engine and Hotel Revenue Manager, our global distribution services deliver a series of benefits for hoteliers, including:

  • Placement on premier booking sites, such as Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia and Booking.com
  • Exposure to new audiences across the globe
  • More opportunities to convert available rooms into reservations

Additionally, because our cloud-based property management system is fully integrated, whenever rates are updated or rooms are removed from inventory, all changes are automatically populated across all connected OTAs – eliminating manual entries, reducing opportunities for mistakes and saving time.  innRoad’s global distribution services allow operators to efficiently market their property, book more reservations and capture dollars from a new audience of travelers.

The hotel business is naturally cyclical, so today’s record performance levels will eventually temper.  This is why hotels are partnering with innRoad now to capture a share of the industry-wide increase in revenue and profits, as well as to establish themselves for long-term success.  Our cloud-based property management system provides hotels with the tools to continually attract new guests, manage their experience, generate revenue and allow properties to perform at peak levels in both prosperous and lean economic times.

Schedule a personalized demo with innRoad today and allow new guests to find your hotel and contribute to its long-term success.