Disruption is changing the hotel industry

hotel-disruptionThe hotel industry is changing.  Standards that were once the status quo are now routinely challenged and it’s travelers who are leading the charge.  Technology has helped swing the power of influence from hotels to savvy, sophisticated global travelers.  Guests know that if a hotel fails to deliver upon their hospitality promise, they can quickly find others that are willing and waiting to meet their needs.

The collective influence of travelers has disrupted the historical norms of the hotel industry, resulting in a wave of new ideas, creative solutions and permanent changes to how the industry operates.  Independent hoteliers must decide to either embrace this disruption by innovating or try their luck at keeping afloat atop this wave of change.

innRoad is both a product of and solution to the disruption swirling within the hotel industry.  Founded with the goal of providing hotel operators with a radically new and technologically-advanced solution for managing their properties, our cloud-based, fully integrated hotel management system is positioning hoteliers to embrace and benefit from the fresh perspectives reshaping the industry.

The foundation of our hotel management system is our cloud-based platform.  With no special hardware or installation required, innRoad is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection – providing operators the mobility to manage from wherever their guests need them.  Layered upon this platform is our all-in-one hotel management system which leverages the power of four seamlessly integrated technologies that provide hoteliers with the tools to efficiently manage and fluidly adapt to industry-shifting developments.  innRoad’s core features include:

  • Property Management System: Provides comprehensive reporting, integrated marketing solutions, detailed guest profiles and simple billing features within an easy-to-use interface.
  • Booking Engine: Transforms hotel websites from information portals into revenue-capturing sales channels.
  • Global Distribution: Increases online visibility by placing hotels on highly-trafficked online travel agent sites, like Priceline and Expedia, for an audience of globally-minded travelers.
  • Revenue Manager: Enhances profitability by simplifying room rate management and optimizing key performance metrics, such as ADR, RevPAR and occupancy.

By integrating these four technologies, as well as other critical features, into one, cloud-based system, we purposely introduced our own form of disruption into the hotel industry.

We understand the operational pressures hoteliers face daily and know that attempting to meet the ever-evolving needs of guests with traditional management methods and dated technology will eventually reach a tipping point, if not addressed.  Realizing this opportunity to support independent hotels, we developed a hotel management system that allows managers to approach operations creatively and without the limitations that once hindered their success.  With innRoad, independent hoteliers are able to give the phrase “business as usual” an entirely new meaning.

innRoad’s all-inclusive, fully integrated hotel management system provides hoteliers with the tools to easily adapt in today’s disruptive marketplace.  Register for a personalized demo of our cloud-based software to learn how innRoad can position your hotel for the future.