Is your hotel website driving guests away?

hotel-booking-systemA hotel’s website is its most powerful sales and marketing tool.  It’s where travelers from around the world can learn more about the property, rooms, service, amenities, rates, etc.  A well-designed website may provide all the information a potential guest needs to book a reservation.  However, what happens when it does not include a hotel booking system to processes online reservations, but instead asks travelers to call or email the front desk?  Will travelers be compelled enough to contact the hotel via email or offline?  Or will they simply find another hotel that allows online bookings?

Recently published research notes that in 2013, 65% of business travelers booked travel directly on company sites more often than via online travel agencies, which is an 11% increase from 2012.  Also of note, 1 in 4 smartphone users who use their device for travel planning book their trip via their smartphone.  Today’s youth travel segment has the highest number of smartphone users, so as current youth travelers mature and continue to travel, the importance of providing these potential guests with a fast and direct method of booking rooms will grow each year.

As these figures show, hotels that do not accommodate direct online bookings are eliminating themselves from capturing profits from a significant (and increasing) size of the travel population.  These statistics should concern general managers with websites lacking a hotel booking system.  In speaking with independent hoteliers across North America, we know that for some, integrating a booking engine into their website seems too complex and too expensive.  At innRoad, we simplify this process by including our powerful Booking Engine as a key feature of our affordable, all-inclusive hotel property management software.

Our hotel Booking Engine provides operators with the tools to instantly enhance their website, capture more reservations, improve front desk operations and increase profits.  With the innRoad hotel booking system, hoteliers have the ability to:

•    Convert their website into a profit generation channel
•    Attract attention from tech-savvy travelers
•    Capture commission-free direct bookings
•    Eliminate manual reservation processing – saving front desk team members time and effort
•    Enhance the pre-arrival guest experience with easy bookings and automatic confirmation email delivery

In addition to our Booking Engine, hoteliers receive our entire, cloud-based hotel management suite, including a Hotel Property Management System, Global Distribution connectivity and Hotel Revenue Management System.  With innRoad technology, hotels are able to streamline their daily operations, achieve time-saving efficiencies and position their hotel to capture greater revenue and profits.  To ensure operators get the most out of our software, our dedicated implementation managers walk hoteliers through every phase of the transition process.  And starting at only $150 per month, operators do not have to worry about high fees eroding their newly generated profits.

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