Improve independent hotel profitability

independent-hotel-profitabilityEvery week at innRoad, we speak with independent hotel owners and operators who are searching for a solution to improve their operations.  Some hoteliers have specific issues they wish to correct, such as increasing reservations, and others just want to save time and make the workday easier for team members and themselves.

Knowing that independent hoteliers encounter unique challenges daily, we developed a cloud-based, fully integrated hotel property management system that provides operators with the tools to address their complex operational issues. By incorporating key functions and features, such as our Property Manager, Booking Engine, Global Distribution and Revenue Manager, into one, easy-to-use system, managers are able to streamline operations and simplify the responsibilities required to run successful hotels.

We are proud of the results our customers have achieved while managing their hotels with innRoad’s hotel management software.  It takes hard work, skill and dedication to operate successful hotels, so we’re grateful to have partnered with so many exceptional owners and operators.  To highlight their achievements, here are a few messages from our loyal customers:

“innRoad is so easy to use. It’s like having another employee!”

Steve Soldatovich, CEO
SolVen Hospitality – Wildwood, NJ

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“Since we subscribed to innRoad, we’ve been delighted with the number of people booking rooms from our own websites. It saves time, while providing incremental revenue and the support has been terrific.”

Ashley Garcia, Reservations Manager
Big Texas Inn – Kerrville, TX

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“innRoad has increased our reservation activity, streamlined our operations across our 6 properties and provided the ability to sell more rooms through more channels online.”

Denise Flik, General Manager
Sable Resorts – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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“The ROI on innRoad is incredible. It pays for itself with every room booked. We experienced 720% ROI on our subscription!”
Al Ridolfo
Chelsea Pines Inn – New York, NY

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Receiving positive feedback from our customers lets us know that our cloud-based, fully integrated hotel property management system is playing a key role in developing successful hotels.  Our goal is to put independent hotels on their path to profits, so we’re excited that many of our partners have already realized this achievement.

Let innRoad get your hotel on its path to profits.  Register for a personalized demo of our hotel management software today.