How to utilize your hotel management system to capitalize on the U.S. hotel industry’s momentum

revenue-e1296681880593In July, the United States hotel industry achieved historic, never-before-seen results.  Highlighting STR’s most recent U.S. hotel industry performance review, Jan Freitag, senior VP of strategic development, noted:

“Hotels in July saw the strongest demand of a single month ever, selling 113 million room nights.  RevPAR saw the second-highest growth rate of the year (+8.8 percent). Absolute occupancy this month was 73.6 percent, the third highest ever, and the highest since the mid-90s.”  

Combined with a 4.8% rise in Average Daily Rate (ADR), operators nationwide had several reasons to be excited about their hotel’s performance and extremely optimistic about current industry trends.

Despite the historic performances posted this summer, some hotels still are not positioned to capitalize on future opportunities for success.  Whether it’s inefficient operations, outdated technology or the inability to consistently attract new guests, hoteliers who wish to participate in the industry’s economic resurgence must eliminate the operational roadblocks hindering their progress.

For owners and operators looking to unlock the potential in their hotels and leverage the industry’s record-setting momentum, innRoad, our cloud-based, all-inclusive hotel management system, is the solution.  Utilizing the power of four performance-enhancing, fully integrated hotel management technologies, innRoad provides hoteliers with the tools to streamline their operations and position their hotels for maximum profitability.  Supported with a host of advanced features, our industry-endorsed software put hoteliers in complete control of performance and profits.  With innRoad, operators have the ability to:

  • Empower Team Members:  Designed for multi-tasking operators, our Hotel Management System is easily used by team members of all technical abilities.  While away from the front desk, managers can remain confident in their team’s ability to take care of guests with easy reservation processing, quick check-in/out and simple inventory controls.  With innRoad, operators can empower their teams to do their jobs independently and well.
  • Increase Bookings: Leisure and business traveler confidence is soaring, so hoteliers must be proactive in attracting new guests to increase bookings.  innRoad equips operators with a revenue-channeling Booking Engine and online travel agent (OTA) connectivity through our Global Distribution services. Exposure on OTAs like Expedia and immediately delivers opportunities for increased bookings and capturing commission-free reservations through our booking engine puts more profits in hotelier’s pockets.
  • Optimize Performance, Maximize Profitability: Efficiently earned dollars position hotels for long-term stability, so we designed our Hotel Revenue Management System with the features to evaluate the financial health of a hotel business.  Easily accessible performance indicators, such as RevPAR, ADR and Occupancy, and comprehensive reports allow hoteliers to quickly identify areas of opportunity and adjust their operations for optimum performance and maximum profitability.
  • Manage Meaningful Details: Hotel management is a true 24/7 commitment where every detail matters.  With features such as innRoad’s Access Anywhere platform that lets operators manage from anywhere with an internet connection, our dual data center storage system which provides premium data security and around-the-clock technical support,  hoteliers can remain engaged and in complete control of their property every minute of the day.

The hotel industry’s historic highs are expected to continue in 2015, so now is the time for operators to position their properties for success. Register for a personalized demo of innRoad’s cloud-based hotel management system and prepare to catapult your hotel to new heights.

Photo Credit: Victorix