Identifying the core functions of a hotel property management system

As independent hotel owners and operators work through the selection of a new hotel property management system (PMS), they will reach a point where they must sort through the various systems and vendors found in the market.  Each PMS provides hotels with different features and benefits, so operators must be knowledgeable of the core functions that should be included with a new PMS and which should be viewed as optional add-ons.  Without this information, hoteliers risk purchasing an inadequate system that may be inexpensive in the short-term, but will prove costly over time by requiring the purchase of add-ons to complete important tasks – steadily eroding a hotel’s budget and impeding its long-term financial goals.

When selecting a hotel PMS, independent hoteliers should look for a system with the following core features:

  • Hotel Property Management System
  • Global Distribution
  • Website Booking Engine
  • Hotel Revenue Manager

These features should all be part of the system’s core technologies – not optional add-ons.  And most importantly, they should be fully integrated within the system, so they can “talk to each other” and seamlessly work collectively to enhance a hotel’s operations, financial performance and ability to meet guest needs.

Hotel Property Management System
A hotel PMS should streamline a property’s most commonly executed tasks.  Processing reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms, guest/group management, tracking inventory, billing and reporting should be quickly and easily completed with a PMS featuring an easy-to-use interface and intuitive system design.

Global Distribution
Attracting new guests is the key to long-term success, so a new PMS should connect hotels with a Global Distribution System (GDS).  With GDS connectivity, hotels have access to heavily-trafficked Online Travel Agents (OTA), such as, Travelocity, Expedia, Hotwire, Priceline and  Without GDS connectivity, hotels limit their opportunities to market themselves to global travelers who are looking to book their next trip.

Website Booking Engine
Travelers utilize various online resources when planning trips, but hotel websites still remain their top destination for lodging information.  With the importance of hotel websites, a new PMS should allow hoteliers to enhance their existing site with a website booking engine.  With this technology, hotel websites can be transformed into commission-free booking channels that increase revenue and convert traveler curiosity into profits.

Hotel Revenue Management
Alongside improving operations and increasing marketing opportunities, a new hotel PMS should help operators optimize their hotel’s financial performance.  With an integrated hotel revenue manger, hoteliers can easily adjust their rates across all channels, including OTAs and their booking engine, to maximize revenues while monitoring the impact on performance metrics such as Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR), Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Occupancy.  A hotel revenue manager keeps operators in complete control of their finances and ensures their hotel is on-track for long-term success.

To ensure independent operators select the best PMS for their hotel, we are providing a complimentary download of our Property Management System Buyer’s Guide.  Inside, hoteliers will find a step-by-step roadmap for identifying a system and partner that will help them achieve their goals.  And for a hands-on experience, hoteliers can register for a 14-day FREE TRIAL of innRoad’s cloud-based, all-inclusive hotel property management system.  innRoad equips independent hoteliers with the core technologies and advanced features needed for long-term growth and financial stability.