What independent hoteliers should expect from a new property management system

Pro-Con-BlogIn the beginning stages of selecting a new property management system (PMS), independent hoteliers often become overwhelmed by the amount of information they must sort through to identify the various systems in the marketplace.  Many systems appear similar, but after comparing their functionality, features and prices, it becomes clear that some systems are a better match than others.  To avoid purchasing the wrong system for their hotel, we recommend that operators establish specific expectations for their new software.

Setting expectations for a new hotel PMS
Expectations for a new hotel PMS can originate from a list of Pros & Cons that outline the features and functions that are a “must have” or “not necessary” for a new system.  This list can start with basic needs, but hoteliers must also incorporate specific operational requirements.  The more specific the requirements, the easier it will be for hoteliers to differentiate systems from each other.  Here is a sample Pros & Cons list:

Must have

  • Easy to understand and navigate
  • Easy to train non-tech savvy team members
  • Web/cloud-based system
  • Integrated functions that “talk” to each other
  • Reporting features
  • 24/7 Technical support

Not necessary

  • Annual contract
  • Specialized hardware/installation disks

The list above is very small sample of the type of list operators should develop when selecting a new hotel property management system.  By identifying the requirements that are critical to their daily operations, hoteliers will put together a solid guideline for selecting a system that will help them achieve their future goals.

Stay focused on the future
Two potential pitfalls for owners and operators that we must address are:

  1. Creating a Pros & Cons list that is too narrow
  2. Not allocating enough time to the search process

The search for a new hotel property managements system is a challenging and weeks-long process.  As mentioned above, there are many similar products on the market so it will take time for hoteliers to identify the best system for their property.  By rushing the process or not thoroughly examining their operational needs, owners and operators may mistakenly purchase a system that improves operations in the short-term, but does not have the flexibility or functionality needed to achieve their long-term goals.

Moving forward
In our Property Management System Buyer’s Guide, we provide a step-by-step approach to the entire hotel PMS selection process.  By following our three phases, Education, Evaluation and Selection, we are confident hoteliers will select the best hotel PMS for their property.

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