Mobile booking engines are shifting the hotel industry

mobileMany hotels are experiencing great financial performances as the industry rebounds from the crippling 2009 economic downturn.  But as bookings and revenue have increased over the past several years, new developments in the way personal technology is adapting to fit consumer lifestyles is strongly impacting how consumers think about and act upon traveling for business and leisure.  To keep their hotels up-to-date and positioned to thrive, operators must remain engaged with the shifts in consumer behavior that are contributing to the hotel industry’s current recovery and will significantly shape its future.

Mobile devices allow leisure and business travelers to initiate, continue and confirm their travel plans whenever and wherever their busy day allows.  With smartphones and tablets providing easy accessibility, travelers can quickly look up hotel rates and availability while at the grocery store or during television commercials.  In the soon-to-be-released 2014 Traveler’s Road to Decision by Think with Google, it’s noted that travelers complete about 45% of their searches on smartphones and tablets.  And as a true indicator of how technology is adapting to fit consumer lifestyles, research also uncovered that 75% of leisure travelers and 87% of business travelers switch between devices to conduct the same travel-related planning or booking activity for all types of travel.

This data should help hoteliers understand that busy consumers have become more adapt at multi-tasking and segmenting their daily activities, but still achieving their desired outcomes.  As a result, a scenario where a traveler begins browsing for a hotel room on a laptop at work, continues the search on a smartphone while awaiting a dinner meeting and then completes the reservation on a tablet before bed is very likely and is sure to continue as technology advances.  To handle this shift in traveler behavior, hotel owners and operators must have a website that is designed and optimized for cross-platform, multi-device property exploration and reservation processing.

As a core component of our all-inclusive hotel property management system (PMS), innRoad provides hoteliers with our Website Booking Engine and Reservation Software, as well the option to further enhance their online presence with our Mobile Booking Engine.  By utilizing innRoad’s Website and Mobile Booking Engines, hotel operators can provide their guests with an enhanced booking experience across their desktop and mobile devices.

Consumers manage their entire lives from their mobile devices, so hotels need the ability to capture reservations from guests who are planning a weeklong getaway or just need an overnight stay.  innRoad’s Website and Mobile Booking Engines provide independent hotel operators with the technology to keep loyal guests by allowing them to find the booking information they need, make informed decisions and then capture their reservation – when they are ready and on any device.

With our Website and Mobile Booking Engines, hoteliers give themselves a distinct competitive advantage that allows them to capture bookings from the rapidly growing segment of multi-tasking and multi-device utilizing consumers.  Paired with our other core hotel PMS technologies, including a Hotel Property Manager, Global Distribution Services and Hotel Revenue Manager, innRoad provides independent hotel operators with all the tools needed to build guest loyalty, capture repeat bookings and generate long-term revenue growth and profitability.

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