Why independent hoteliers are purchasing new property management systems

The hotel industry is currently experiencing success not witnessed since the mid-2000s.  With positive results forecasted for the industry’s most important performance indicators, such as Occupancy, Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR), independent hoteliers are deciding to invest in their properties now, so they are positioned to capture increased bookings, stronger revenues and greater profits in the coming years.  And to ensure their future success, making a new hotel property management system (PMS) purchase has become a top priority of independent hotel owners and operators nationwide.

Issues with current systems
In speaking with property owners and operators, we discovered their reasons for purchasing a new hotel PMS are wide-ranging.  Some are currently utilizing systems that slow down everyday tasks, like guest check-in/check-out, many are suffering from a lack of technical support from their technology provider and others are dealing with a multitude of issues that are impeding their hotel’s growth.  To summarize hoteliers’ frustrations, these are three most common PMS pain points:

•    Existing system does not support new business goals
•    Essential features are missing from current system
•    Current system will not allow for growth, such as addition of rooms or property acquisition

Independent hoteliers are busy and strapped for time, so we often speak with them after they have reached their patience and frustration limits.  Many want to quickly move forward with implementing a new system, but as a trusted partner of the hotel industry, our goal is to make sure customers purchase the best system for their hotel’s long-term success.  This is why we have put together a program to help guide operators through the process of selecting a new hotel PMS.

Understanding the selection process
Each property has specific requirements, so we encourage operators to thoroughly examine their operations, determine their needs and select a hotel PMS based on both their immediate and long-term goals.  Selecting the wrong system can be costly in terms of time and money, so having a complete understanding of how a new system will benefit their hotel is vital.

When hoteliers inquire about the most important benefits of new hotel property management system, we believe a new PMS should help achieve three main goals:

1.    Make operating your hotel easier
2.    Provide a positive return on investment (ROI)
3.    Help you grow your business

To help independent hotel owners and operators navigate the hotel PMS selection process, we have developed the innRoad Property Management System Buyer’s Guide.  The guide provides hoteliers with an in-depth, 3-phased process, Education, Evaluation and Selection, which will prepare them to:

•    Evaluate their hotel’s current needs and future goals.
•    Determine the functions and features required of their new hotel property management system.
•    Select a technology partner who is committed to their hotel’s long-term success.

Additionally, we are providing hoteliers with a 14-day FREE TRIAL of our industry-leading, cloud-based hotel management system which features a fully integrated hotel PMS, global distribution connectivity, website booking engine and hotel revenue manager.  Our goal is to provide independent hoteliers with the technology to achieve long-term success, so register for a free trial of our software or contact us at 1.855.INN.ROAD or info@innroad.com today.

Photo Credit: MYOB