Can your cloud-based hotel PMS assist you with your holiday marketing plan?

holidayWith fall officially here, hotel operators should begin shifting their marketing efforts to focus on the upcoming holiday travel period.  With families crisscrossing the country for celebrations and business travelers wrapping up annual projects, hoteliers will have ample opportunities to capture end-of-year bookings.  However, if operators want to ensure their property stands out from the competition during this ultra-competitive time of year, they should coordinate and execute a simple, yet effective, holiday season marketing plan.

A holiday marketing plan does not need to be complex or expensive, but it does need to provide convincing reasons for travelers to book rooms at one hotel versus another.  Here are some easily executable ideas that operators can employ to increase occupancy and maximize profitability during the busy holiday season.

Attractions and events
Festive events, such as tree lightings, theater performances and community celebrations, attract travelers from far and near, so hoteliers should identify which attractions draw the largest crowds and work to develop partnerships with the event organizers.  Partnerships allow operators to cross market their properties with holiday attractions and leverage their popularity to fill rooms.  By negotiating a discounted bulk purchase of admission tickets, hotels can then offer special room packages that include event tickets as incentives for potential guests.

During the holiday season, restaurants are looking to sell gift cards and fill tables, so building relationships with local restaurateurs will create mutually beneficial revenue generating opportunities.  Similar to partnerships with events and attractions, hoteliers should negotiate a discounted bulk purchase of restaurant gift cards and then create special packages to entice out-of-town travelers with a “free” dinner included with their stay.  This simple add-on is a great value for guests who wish to enjoy a delicious meal along with their relaxing stay.

In-house opportunities
The holiday season provides great opportunities to influence future, repeat visits and plant the seeds for long-term guest loyalty.  By creating reservation packages, like “15% off or free room upgrade during next visit with a 3-day reservation,” hotels can incentivize guests to make a return visit.  With each future visit, hoteliers have an opportunity to continue delivering warm hospitality and developing relationships that have the potential to generate revenue for the long-term.

Though these holiday marketing ideas are easy to coordinate, there is one final component needed to execute them successfully.  Hotel operators must have the proper tools to promote their special packages and, in turn, capture the resulting reservations.  As a solution for independent hoteliers, innRoad’s cloud-based hotel PMS features a website Booking Engine and connectivity to Global Distribution channels, like Expedia and Travelocity, through which rooms and special packages can be marketed to travelers who are looking to book their next trip.  And with innRoad’s Property Manager and Revenue Manager, operators are able to manage every aspect of their on-property experience and ensure their hotel capitalizing on every opportunity to increase revenue and profits.

innRoad’s fully integrated, cloud-based hotel PMS provides operators with all the tools needed for complete hotel management.  To provide hoteliers with a hands-on experience, we are offering a free, 14-day trial of our cloud-based hotel PMS.  Click here to register today or contact us at or 1.855.innroad.