How can a hotel management system set you apart from your competition?

hotel management system
As travelers seek new adventures and experiences, the lodging industry will continue to evolve and introduce new products to satisfy their desires.  The latest industry trend is home-sharing experiences where consumers opt to rent privately-owned apartments, or just space on a living room couch, rather than book hotel rooms.  To indulge in these experiences, travelers are turning to services like Airbnb and HomeAway to book their accommodations, so the hotel industry at-large is taking notice.

However, even with this bubbling trend, hoteliers should view this an opportunity to identify what sets their properties apart from this new wave of alternative lodging and what enhancements they can make to withstand this challenge to their long-term success.  As a partner of independent hotels owners and operators across North America, innRoad believes that utilizing advanced technology to manage operations is the key to keeping the competitive advantage tilted in favor of hoteliers. With our cloud-based hotel management system powering operations, hoteliers are able to deliver a level of service and comfort that will always go unmatched by alternative lodging providers.

For greater perspective, here are few reasons why hotels who utilize innRoad are well-positioned for long-term success:

For hoteliers, hospitality is a profession.

Hotel operators focus on delivering genuine hospitality and creating memorable experiences for their guests 24 hours a day, 365 days per year – a commitment to service that is unmatched and unsustainable for other lodging providers.  In supporting a hotel’s continuous operations, innRoad’s cloud-based, fully integrated hotel management system supplies operators with the tools to streamline daily tasks, automate critical functions and reduce the time spent behind the front desk and in the back office – increasing opportunities to build relationships with guests and create experiences that nurture long-term loyalty.

The guest experience begins prior to arrival and continues after check-out.

With innRoad’s all-inclusive hotel management system, operators can manage the full-cycle guest experience.  Our Booking Engine, including our Mobile Booking Engine, and Global Distribution services provide hotels with multiple online reservation channels through which they can connect with guests and provide rates, room types, amenities, special offers and other types of property-related information.
Once on-property, innRoad’s Property Management System coordinates every aspect of the guest stay, including check-in/out, guest preferences, group bookings, housekeeping and maintenance, and final billing.  After guests depart, detailed records and reports provide operators with the information needed to remain in-touch and begin preparing for their next visit.

Every decision is made with the guest in mind.

Hoteliers make hundreds of behind-the-scenes decisions that guests may not see first-hand, but still have an impact on their overall experience.  It’s this type of thinking that has helped us design our hotel management system to keep hoteliers “ahead of the curve” in regards to running their business.  With features like our Access Anywhere cloud platform, which allows operators to manage their properties on-the-go from a mobile device, and our premium Data Security system with cloud-encryption and dual data center storage, hoteliers have the ability and flexibility to “go the extra mile” to ensure that each guest experience is memorable.

As traveler preferences evolve, hoteliers will continue to experience challenges to their businesses and the way they operate day-in and day-out.  This is why we believe operators should take a proactive approach to managing their hotels by utilizing the industry’s leading cloud-based, fully integrated hotel management system.  To let hoteliers experience the capabilities of innRoad, we are offering a free, 14-day trial.  Register today and position your hotel for long-term success.