How global distribution software positions hotels to attract tech-savvy travelers

global-distribution-software-for-hotelsIn continuing our conversation about how hoteliers can leverage global distribution software to connect with millennials and other tech-savvy travelers, we want to take a closer look how innRoad helps operators achieve this goal.  With these traveler segments growing and strengthening their influence upon the travel industry, operators must stay in-tune with shifts in consumer behavior to ensure their property continues to attract guests and generate profits for the long-term.

As a core component of our all-inclusive property management system, our Global Distribution software for hotels enhances a property’s online presence by expanding its reach and providing greater opportunities for traveler discovery, bookings and repeat visits.  Global distribution can be summarized as a network of channels through which hotels market and sell inventory to consumers.  But with the growth and sophistication of online travel agents (OTAs), hotels are able to utilize these sites as extensions of their brands and position themselves as premier lodging destinations.
With innRoad’s global distribution software, hoteliers have the ability to connect with the industry’s leading OTAs, including:

  • Orbitz
  • Expedia
  • Priceline
  • Travelocity
  • TripConnect from TripAdvisor

Premium online positioning

Placement on these popular OTAs instantly exposes hotels to an audience of globally curious travelers.  With each connected OTA, hotels receive a customizable profile that can be detailed with sharp, high-resolution photography and engaging content – two important tools for catching the attention of millennials and tech-savvy travelers.  Additionally, important details such as rates, amenities, policies, and terms and conditions are prominently displayed so travelers receive a complete overview of their on-property experience.  And finally, the integration of user-generated reviews, including comments sourced directly from popular review site TripAdvisor, give OTAs a feel that mimics some social media communities where experience-sharing has a great impact on consumer behavior.

Coupled with the great benefits provided by OTAs noted above, innRoad’s global distribution software for hotels gives operators the ability to adjust rates, update inventory and set rules easily and quickly from one fully integrated property management system.  When changes are made within innRoad, they are streamlined and automatically populated across all connect OTAs, as well as innRoad’s Website and Mobile Booking Engines – immediately creating operational efficiencies, minimizing mistakes and opening the doors for opportunities to drive stronger occupancy, generate increased revenue and capture greater profits.

Having a footprint on several OTAs also helps hotels increase their organic online search rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo – a key link to reaching tech-savvy travelers.  Many travelers begin planning their next business or leisure trip by casting a wide net with general online searches like “hotels in downtown Boston” or “beach hotels in San Diego,” so with a stronger online presence, properties enhance their opportunities to rank higher in results, capture attention and reservations from new guests and, hopefully, convert them into long-term loyalists.

Our goal at innRoad is to help hoteliers realize their potential for long-term success and profitability.  Our global distribution software for hotels is just one of the key components of our cloud-based property management system that helps streamline hotel operations and attract new guests.  To showcase the full capabilities of innRoad, we are offering a free, 2-week trial to independent hoteliers.  Contact us today to experience innRoad and take the first step on your path to profits.