Great experiences with the help of your cloud hotel management software are the key to guest loyalty

loyalIn the Top 10 Hospitality Best Practices You Need to Know whitepaper published by SmartBrief Media Services and The Wall Street Journal, 61% of travelers said that personal experiences at a specific hotel represent the biggest factor in building guest loyalty.  With other factors such as the hotel brand and loyalty brand each only resonating with 14% of travelers and 12% of respondents only booking based on price, it’s clear that the guest experience is what keeps travelers loyal to a particular hotel.

With this information in mind, independent hoteliers should regularly ask themselves, “What am I doing to keep my guests loyal?”  Operators who consistently focus on delivering memorable experiences understand that there isn’t one simple solution for keeping their guests satisfied.  Every guest touch point, from the reservation booking experience and check in/check-out process to guestroom presentation and on-site amenities, provides an opportunity to enhance the guest experience, so operators must understand that excellent hotel operations are the key to developing long-term guest loyalty.

For hoteliers interested in both strengthening their daily operations and establishing a framework for organically building guest loyalty, innRoad would like to introduce our cloud hotel management software.  innRoad provides owners and operators with a suite of advanced hotel management tools, including our Access Anywhere platform that leverages cloud computing for operational flexibility, designed to enhance every phase of the guest experience.

The web is a natural destination for travelers searching for hotel rooms, so properties must be able to covert their curiosity into reservations and, more importantly, revenue.  innRoad provides hotels with a Booking Engine and Global Distribution connectivity to establish their online presence.  Our Booking Engine transforms a hotel’s website into a revenue generation channel by integrating the functionality needed to capture commission-free reservations.  And to ensure the growing number of smartphone and tablet users are accommodated, operators have the opportunity to include our Mobile Booking Engine alongside the core features of our cloud-based hotel management software.  With Global Distribution access, hotels are featured on leading online travel agents (OTA), such as, Expedia,, Hotwire and TripConnect from TripAdvisor, so travelers have a variety of avenues for finding and booking rooms.

Once guests have entered a hotel lobby, operators are responsible for managing every aspect of their stay.  To keep team members organized and ensure daily responsibilities are executed, hoteliers need a technology-advanced hotel property management system (PMS).  With innRoad’s cloud-based hotel management software, operators receive a Hotel PMS that centralizes a property’s most important functions into one all-inclusive, easy-to-use system.  Tasks such as check-in/check-out, inventory coordination, group management, reporting and billing are all simplified and streamlined within our intuitive Hotel PMS.

Hotel revenue management may not initially come to mind when thinking about guest loyalty, but its role is critical in developing relationships with guests over time.  innRoad’s Revenue Manager put hoteliers in control of performance metrics, like Average Daily Rate (ADR), Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) and Occupancy, and allows them to keep their properties on-track for stronger performance and long-term profitability.  With greater profits, operators have opportunities invest in their team members, property improvements and new amenities – all of which contribute to enhancing the overall guest experience.

innRoad’s clients have experienced excellent results with our cloud-based hotel management software.  Our goal is to help more hotels achieve maximum profitability and lasting success, so we are offering a free, 14-day free trial of our industry-leading, cloud-based hotel management software.  Register today for a free trial and put your hotel on its path to profits and long-term guest loyalty.