Key features of a hotel pms

3FeaturesIn partnering with independent hoteliers across North America to manage over 15,000 rooms, innRoad understands that successfully operating a hotel requires the continuous and consistent execution of many routine, but important, daily tasks.  Additionally, operators must coordinate the multi-functional roles and responsibilities of team members, so having the proper structure and system in place to manage hotel operations and deliver memorable experiences for their guests is critical.

As the leading provider of cloud-based hotel property management software, we have designed our core technology solutions to support hoteliers’ most important requirements.  Our Property Manager, Booking Engine, Global Distribution and Hotel Revenue Manager provide operators with the tools to attract guests and take care of their every need, as well as ensure their hotel is optimized for maximum performance and profitability.  Complementing our core technologies are a host of built-in and optional features within our hotel property management system that allow operators to manage their properties with reduced effort and in less time, but while still achieving outstanding results.

To showcase the capabilities of our fully integrated, cloud-based hotel property management software, here is part one of an overview of the powerful features of innRoad’s hotel property management system:

Access Anywhere

innRoad’s Access Anywhere platform is the primary differentiator between our advanced, cloud-based hotel property management software and a traditional local client/server-based hotel PMS.  As we discussed previously, our Access Anywhere capabilities allow busy hotel operators to manage their property from anywhere with an internet connection.

Today, managers must spend time with guests, move freely throughout the property and network in the community – all while monitoring their hotel’s performance.  innRoad empowers operators with the flexibility to manage their hotels around-the-clock and from wherever the workday takes them.


Analyzing operational performance is a requirement for long-term stability and success in the hotel industry.  However, many operators struggle to configure their dated hotel PMS to produce important performance reports without spending lots of time typing in queries and then pouring over data to validate its accuracy.

We understand that spending hours generating and reviewing reports puts a strain on daily operations, so we placed great emphasis on developing a suite of comprehensive reports that are easy to request, quickly downloadable and, most importantly, accurate.  With innRoad’s fully integrated, cloud-based hotel property management software, reports, such as Reservations, Inventory, Financial Account Balance, Housekeeping, Daily Flash and more, are all available within seconds, so operators can remain informed and confident that their hotel is on the path to success.


Operators who manage multiple properties with older technology intimately understand the challenges of utilizing different systems for each hotel.  In some cases, hoteliers carry multiple laptops in an effort to keep each property’s information organized.  With dated systems, the time required to monitor daily performance is multiplied exponentially, so plans for future growth often struggle to come to fruition.  Though inefficient and cumbersome, many operators feel their technology options are limited when operating a multi-property hotel system.
Daily performance and future growth should never be hindered by inadequate operating systems.  As a key feature of our hotel property management system, our Multi-Locations functionality streamlines each property’s controls into one system for simple and easy execution.  And with multi-property visibility, if one hotel is at capacity, managers can easily book guests into another nearby property and avoid “walking” them to a competitor – keeping revenue within the system and delivering exceptional customer service.

Access Anywhere, Reporting and Multi-Locations are just a few of the top-tier features of innRoad’s hotel property management system.  Subscribe to our blog today and stay tuned as we continue our discussion on hotel management technology.