Secure your hotel’s data with a cloud pms

datasecurityIn continuing our conversation about the key features of innRoad’s hotel property management system, we want to dedicate special attention to the importance of data security.  As businesses utilize technology to improve their operations and increase profits, cyber criminals are working feverishly to exploit weaknesses in their data security strategies.  Many of the widely reported cyber-attacks are on large corporations, but this does not rule out smaller businesses, like independent hotels, as targets.  To ensure the long-term security of their business and loyalty of their guests, hoteliers must establish the proper controls to protect their most sensitive data.

Having an insufficient or non-existent data security plan is similar to leaving the front door of your home open and hoping your valuables remain safe while you are away.  It is possible that nothing will be out of place when you return, but it’s not a wise strategy.  Operators should apply this same reasoning to their hotel management technology.  With innRoad’s cloud pms, hoteliers receive top-tier Data Security and 24×7 technical support from our highly skilled team.

Permission-based Access

Hotel operators are responsible for a significant amount of sensitive material, including guest’s personal information and property performance data.  Even with trustworthy team members, it’s best to set limits around who can view a hotel’s most important information.  innRoad’s intuitive cloud-based property management system allows hoteliers to easily configure permissions, levels of approval and access to sensitive information – greatly reducing opportunities for data to be compromised.

Data Encryption and Dual Data Center Storage

With our cloud-based platform, hotel data is stored within the cloud instead of an on-site server, so if a disaster, such as a fire or water damage, were to occur, sensitive data will always remain safe.  While stored in the cloud, innRoad encrypts hotel data for premium safety.  And as additional layers of protection, we utilize a dual data center storage system, so hotel information is backed up in two off-site locations to ensure total security.

Credit Card Processing

Processing credit cards is an essential function for hotel management.  To keep your guest’s data safe, innRoad is PCI compliant so credit card data, whether processed online or at the front desk, remains secure at all times.  And as an optional benefit for operators, we have negotiated a fixed rate with all major credit card companies so more dollars can remain in your pocket.  Learn more about innRoad’s credit card processing here.

24×7 Technical Support

Even the most experienced and tech-savvy hoteliers need assistance with technical issues at times.  As a standard feature of our hotel property management system, operators receive complimentary, around-the-clock technical support.  No service fees or waiting for a technology vendor’s “regular” business hours – hotels operate 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, so the innRoad team is ready to help whenever you need us.

Data security and 24×7 technical support are critical requirements for hotels looking to achieve long-term success.  With innRoad’s cloud-based property management system, these features are included at no additional cost because our goal is to help owners and operators reach their performance and profitability goals.  Subscribe to the innRoad blog today and stay tuned as we continue our discussion on how hotel management technology can enhance and protect your business.