Successful hotels require 24×7 teamwork

cloud-based hotel PMSHotels operate on a true 24 hours a day, 7 days a week business cycle.  Travelers expect their needs to be met around the clock, both on-property and online, so operators must be equipped to handle this responsibility.  Many independent hoteliers have adapted to routinely finessing and resolving daily challenges, but know their margin for error is very slim.  To protect the long-term health of their operations, hoteliers must find a sustainable solution for delivering exceptional hospitality to their guests while managing a business that requires around-the-clock attention.

As part of our ongoing conversation about innRoad, our cloud-based hotel PMS, and its suite of advanced hotel management features, we want to introduce more of our operations-enhancing Add-ons that are configured specifically for managing a hotel’s continuous operations.

Mobile Booking Engine

Mobile technology has an enormous impact on the way we live, work and communicate.  Mobile phones and tablets allow users to collect information and plan their day before getting out of bed.  For hotels, mobile technology presents a great opportunity to capture the attention of travelers using their mobile devices to plan their next business trip or leisure adventure.  And with Hospitality Technology’s 2014 Customer Engagement Technology Study predicting that 27% of all travel bookings will come through a mobile device in 2015, hoteliers must act now if they wish to profit from this shift in consumer behavior.

While operating their property with innRoad’s cloud-based hotel PMS, operators can further enhance its capabilities with our Mobile Booking Engine.  Leveraging the power and functionality of our website Booking Engine, our mobile version has been designed with an easy-to-use interface for busy consumers who rely on their mobile devices to make important travel decisions.  While on-the-go or in the office, travelers can check availability and book rooms as if they were visiting a hotel’s traditional website.  And to streamline data for operators, once reservations are confirmed, our fully integrated, cloud-based hotel PMS automatically adjusts inventory across all Global Distribution channels, including online travel agents – eliminating manual updates, reducing opportunities for mistakes and saving precious time.

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Call Center Support

Even in today’s advanced digital world, some travelers will always feel more comfortable booking their reservations over the phone with a member of the hotel staff.  However, we understand that for many independent hoteliers, providing 24×7 reservations coverage is costly and, at times, an inefficient use of team member time.  Even with the risk of missing calls during the middle of chaotic check-in/out periods, some operators feel as if their options for solving this challenge are limited.

When hoteliers power their properties with innRoad, not only do they receive our cloud-based hotel PMS, they also receive a partner who is vested in their success.  Our hotel clients have the ability to utilize our Call Center Support Team as an extension of their on-property staff.  Whenever their phone goes unanswered, a member of our team steps in to handle the caller’s needs.  No voice recording or mailbox – a live person will answer questions and take reservations as if they were behind the front desk.  And hoteliers only pay a minimal fee for converted reservations, so their budgets remain intact as their rooms begin to fill.

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innRoad’s cloud-based hotel PMS and advanced hotel management features and Add-ons provide hoteliers with the tools necessary to satisfy their guests’ around-the-clock needs.  With innRoad, operators can unlock the potential in their properties and position themselves for maximum profitability.  To experience the power of innRoad, we are offering a free, 14-day trial of our all-inclusive, fully integrated hotel management system.  Register today and take the first step toward putting your hotel on its path to long-term success.