Access to a hotel global distribution is essential

Hotel global distribution system

To thrive in today’s hospitality industry, independent hotel owners and operators must have a well-designed digital marketing strategy.  Developing an online marketing plan can be daunting for those who prefer analyzing financials over reviewing advertising content, but if managers want to remain competitive, attract new guests, increase revenue and solidify long-term profitability, it is an essential requirement.  And as a key component of their digital marketing strategy, acquiring access to a global distribution system (GDS) should be a top priority for all hoteliers.

Hotel performances are expected to improve strongly over the coming years, so positioning has never been more important for independent properties.  Property class, segment and room rates are core pieces of the positioning puzzle, but foremost, travelers must be able to find a hotel online or else those supporting factors have little to zero impact on their lodging decision.  With access to a global distribution system, hotels have the ability to connect to popular online travel agents (OTAs), including Expedia, Travelocity, and, and greatly expand their digital footprint.  Travelers rely on the internet to compare properties, rates, amenities, etc., so with OTAs increasing their visibility, hotels enhance their opportunities to book new guests, differentiate from other hotels in the market and position themselves to capture greater revenue.

Hoteliers must decide to independently navigate the process of connecting to a global distribution system and then negotiating with OTAs or partnering with a vendor who will coordinate the entire process on their behalf.  As a hotel technology provider, hoteliers who manage their property with innRoad receive Global Distribution System connectivity as part of our core hotel operations management solution.  Operators also receive our Property Manager, Booking Engine and Revenue Manger, all within a fully integrated, cloud-based hotel property management system (PMS).

When comparing partnering with innRoad against the “do it yourself” approach for achieving global distribution connectivity, hotel operators should consider the following:

Hotel Global Distribution Table


As outlined above, hotels can take the lead in acquiring access to a global distribution system and OTAs on their own, but the process is time consuming, full of uncertainties and also runs the risk of being costly.

When hotels partner with innRoad, they receive our Global Distribution services, in addition to our full suite of hotel management tools, all packaged within a single platform hotel PMS.  Starting as low as $150/month, innRoad is not only powerful, it’s affordable.  Experience the full-range capabilities of innRoad by registering for a free, 14-day trial today.