cloud based hotel management software

How your cloud-based hotel management software can enhance the guest experience

cloud based hotel management softwareThe strong results posted in the latest U.S. hotel industry performance report, as well as the increases predicted for 2015, provide strong evidence that the 2009 economic recession is planted firmly in the past and that much brighter days are on the horizon.  With this surging optimism, hotel companies of all sizes are enhancing their product offerings to ensure they capture a share of the increased reservations and revenue that have returned alongside consumer confidence.  Whether launching a new brand targeting millennials or replacing guest room soft goods, hoteliers are making investments aimed at enhancing the guest experience as performance picks up momentum industry-wide.

With this flurry of experience-enhancing activity, some operators may worry about losing customers to “shiny new” hotels down the road or lacking the resources to make enhancements to attract guests.  As a partner to hotels across North America, our team at innRoad believes that no matter how much is spent building or renovating a property, the quality of the guest experience will always be rooted in the strength of a hotel’s operations.  By providing hoteliers with cloud-based hotel management software specifically designed to enhance the guest experience, operators are able to consistently deliver high-quality hospitality that keeps guests loyal and returning time and time again.

With innRoad’s cloud-based hotel management software, hoteliers are able to enhance the online and on-property guest experience.  Here are a few of the benefits hoteliers can provide their guests by operating their property with innRoad:

  • Mobile bookings: We’ve discussed the impact mobile technology is having upon the hotel industry and it’s showing no signs of slowing.  Mobile devices have become as essential as house keys, so opportunities for hotels to connect with travelers via phones and tablets are increasing daily.  As one of our premium add-ons, our Mobile Booking Engine puts hotels into the hands of consumers.  With a streamlined interface, travelers can quickly browse rates and rooms and then book their stay in a few easy steps without interrupting their day.
  • Special room packages: When spending their hard-earned dollars, consumers want to receive value in return.  Hotel operators can leverage this sentiment by offering their guests special room packages that increase the value of their reservation, but also drive greater profits to the bottom line.  Special offers can range from gift cards to discounted or complimentary services.  With innRoad’s Property Management System, these special packages can be seamlessly incorporated into daily rate offerings for easy selection by value-conscious travelers.
  • Group management: Group travel planners rely on hotels to provide them with the flexibility and accuracy needed to keep their travel partners organized and informed.  Our cloud-based hotel management software’s Property Management System allows for efficient group management.  With easily accessible master folios, detailed guest profiles and history and individual charge routing, innRoad simplifies group management for travel organizers and keeps experiences memorable for the entire group.
  • Multi-Locations: Most operators try avoid “walking” guests to competitors at all costs.  innRoad’s Multi-Locations functionality and flexible design allows operators to manage multiple properties within one system, so operators can quickly secure available rooms at a nearby property, keep their guests happy and ensure revenue remains within their hotel system.

Enhancing the guest experience requires both flexibility and creativity from hoteliers.  innRoad’s cloud-based hotel management software provides operators with a full complement of tools that ensure guest needs are met online and on-property.  And with innRoad starting as low as $150 per month, we make sure that the cost of enhancing the guest experience remains on-budget.  Try innRoad for free with our 14-day trial and let us position your hotel for long-term guest loyalty.