The innRoad Advantage: White Hart Inn

innroad-clientIn August, the White Hart Inn, situated in picturesque Salisbury, Connecticut, reopened to great fanfare from the local community after shuttering years prior in 2010.  Under new ownership and management, the stately 19th century New England inn, outfitted with elegant rooms, handsome suites and a chef-driven restaurant, aims to reclaim its historic charm as a warm and welcoming retreat where visitors and neighbors can socialize, unwind and rest.  To achieve this goal, the White Hart Inn partnered with innRoad to utilize our cloud-based hospitality management software and share in our team’s wealth of hotel industry knowledge and expertise.

“We are a brand new client and we love it! The innRoad team is wonderful! They have been so helpful throughout this whole process.”

Daniel Winkley, White Hart Inn, Salisbury, CT

As a leading hotel industry technology provider, great attention and detail is dedicated to our cloud-based, all-inclusive hospitality management software.  innRoad’s four, fully integrated core technologies, Property Management System, Global Distribution, Booking Engine and Revenue Manager, are proven, solutions-delivering mechanisms for streamlining hotel operations, enhancing the guest experience and generating greater revenue and profits.  Our hospitality management software is truly best-in-class, but it’s only part of the reason why managers trust innRoad to operate their hotels.  With innRoad, hoteliers receive a partner that is vested in the long-term success of their business.  With our results-oriented approach to delivering premium customer service, our hotel clients across North America have the ultimate trust and confidence in our team of hospitality technology experts.

Surpassing the expectations of industry experts
Hotel operators are hospitality experts.  Their daily goals revolve around delivering exceptional service to the guests who drive their business.  As a hospitality management software provider, innRoad understands that our level of service must surpass the expectations of industry experts who specialize in meeting guest needs 365 days a year.

To achieve this, innRoad employs a “real people” approach to helping potential and current hotel clients.  The same as guests arriving in a hotel lobby, inquisitive hoteliers interact directly with live, knowledgeable members of our hospitality management software team.  Whether seeking a method for maximizing revenue or improving back office workflow, our team of hotel technology experts are here to identify and provide tailored solutions to operators who understand the value of receiving personalized and attentive assistance.

Understanding how hotels operate
The generic phrase “software provider” is often used by companies that provide technology solutions that may work well for some businesses and/or industries.  What sets innRoad apart is that we provide hospitality management software that is tailored specifically for hotels.  Our system is designed to help operators take on the unique challenges that hotels face daily.

With innRoad providing connectivity to Global Distribution services and enhancing hotel websites with our Booking Engine, as well as our add-on Mobile Booking Engine, hotels position themselves online to attract new guests who spurn increased reservations and revenue.  Our Property Management System streamlines guest experience-impacting operations, including check-in/out, inventory management, housekeeping scheduling and billing, and allows operators to manage these responsibilities efficiently from our intuitive, easy-to-use interface.  And with our Revenue Manager, operators can actively manage and monitor their hotel’s most important performance metrics, like RevPAR, ADR and Occupancy, and ensure their property is driving maximum profits to the bottom line.

When hoteliers decide to power their hotel with innRoad, they receive the industry’s most advanced hospitality management software and a partner who values their long-term success.  To showcase how innRoad improves hotel operations, we are offering a free, 14-day trial of our hospitality management software.  Register today and let our team of hospitality technology experts put your hotel on its path to profits.