Deliver high-quality customer service with a web-based hotel management system

customerserviceThe task of delivering high-quality customer service within the hospitality industry has evolved greatly over the past several years.  Conversations between general managers and hotel guests that were once held in-person or over the phone are now occurring on social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, and review sites, like TripAdvisor, even while guests are still on-property.  From an operator’s perspective, this shift toward public, fully transparent communication has its advantages and disadvantages.  When guests are satisfied with their experience, their public feedback helps validate the hard work of the hotel’s team members and promote the property to new guests.  However, when negative comments are posted publically, operators are challenged with resolving the issue quickly and maintaining the guests’ loyalty – all while other guests and potential visitors monitor the conversation in real-time.

Owners and operators who prefer to handle guest issues in-private often become frustrated with the lack of control they have over the comments that are posted online.  Though their frustration is warranted at times, hoteliers should view these public forums as opportunities to “listen” to their guests and gain valuable insight on their properties.  By using these online channels as unofficial focus groups, operators can identify property areas needing improvement and pinpoint ways to enhance the guest experience.

When designing our web-based hotel management system, we incorporated advanced functionality that improves the daily experience for both operators and guests.  To showcase how innRoad helps eliminate some of the most common issues voiced by guests, below are examples of online guest comments, as well as solutions provided by innRoad’s web-based hotel management system.

“After long day of traveling, it took the front desk agent forever to find my reservation!  Not a good start to my trip!”
Front desk team members want to get guests checked-in and on their way as fast as possible, but some older, slow-operating hotel property management systems just do not allow for a fast and efficient process – causing guest frustration at the onset of their visit.

innRoad’s web-based hotel management system features a hotel property manager that streamlines front desk and back office responsibilities.  With our advanced technology, routine tasks like guest check-in and reservation tracking are easy and fast, which keeps travel-weary guests happy.

“Twice during my vacation housekeeping forgot to clean my room!  I had to call the front desk each time to get clean towels.  Unacceptable!”
For guests, it’s hard to understand how their room can be overlooked by the housekeeping team.  Returning to an un-tidied room and having to call the front desk for assistance is viewed as a major inconvenience and may impact their decision to return to the hotel in the future.

Comprehensive reporting is a key feature of our web-based hotel management system.  With an easily accessible suite of reports, including housekeeping, reservations and group management, team members can remain organized and greatly reduce opportunities for mistakes, like housekeeping errors, that impact the guest experience.

“I was in a rush to catch my flight, so I checked out of my hotel quickly.  But when I checked my bill…. I had all these additional charges!  Not cool!”
Guests often grumble about the various mandatory taxes and fees that are tacked on to their nightly room rate.  However, where guests become upset is if they are mistakenly charged for services and amenities they did not use.

Simple billing is a key attribute of our web-based hotel management system’s property manager.  Front desk agents have the ability to access and edit bills for accuracy, route charges for group bookings and ensure the proper fees are included before handing the final to the guest.

“Listening” to online guest chatter is a great way for hoteliers to stay abreast of on-property issues and learn more about what their guests expect.  With this knowledge, operators can utilize innRoad to deliver high-quality experiences that keep guests satisfied and willing to return in the future.

Try innRoad’s web-based hotel management system today with our free 14-day trial.  Take the first step toward improving your hotel’s performance and providing your guests with the top-notch customer service they deserve.