Delivering guest value with a cloud-based property management system

GUESTVALUEDelivering guest value is a priority for independent hoteliers across all segments and rate categories.  No matter how much (or little) is spent on a guestroom, every guest expects to receive, at minimum, a reciprocal amount of value from the property.  And, of course, any value received above this amount is generally very well received and appreciated by travelers.

Within the hospitality industry, this value-based relationship puts a lot of power into the hands of consumers and some fear this will result in hefty, long-term costs and will hinder future growth opportunities for owners and operators.  While disruption in consumer behavior undoubtedly affects businesses, we believe hoteliers can mitigate any large-scale negative impact by proactively managing their operations and instituting budget-friendly enhancements to the full-cycle guest experience, from booking through billing.

To provide hoteliers with insight on how they can improve the guest experience, below are tips for leveraging the features and functions of innRoad’s cloud-based property management system.  With affordable pricing and easy-to-use technology, innRoad is the key to ensuring travelers return home satisfied with their lodging experience and excited for their next visit.

Direct website bookings
As seasoned operators know well, sustaining a successful independent hotel business is a challenging endeavor.  With a multitude of on-property responsibilities, items that are not “front and center” sometimes fail to receive the full attention they deserve.  A prime example of this is the hotel website booking experience.  Some websites are well-designed with eye-catching content and others are minimal with simple functionality.  In either case, if a website does not have direct booking capabilities, hoteliers are effectively pushing guests into the lobbies of their competitors.

Consumers are accustomed to making instant online purchases, so the same should apply to booking hotel rooms.  If a potential guest reads “email front desk for rates” on a hotel website, there is a good chance they will simply find another hotel that provides instant bookings.  With innRoad’s cloud-based property management system, our Booking Engine enhances existing websites to accommodate the fast-growing segment of web-savvy travelers.  With innRoad, guests can view rates and inventory in real-time and book rooms instantly.  And with seamless integration into existing hotel websites, reservations are commission-free – putting more dollars into hotelier’s pockets.

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Mobile Bookings
If you are a smartphone user, it’s likely that you check your phone dozens of times daily to find information that helps you manage your day.  Smartphones have become as essential as house keys and are the tool modern travelers use to book their business trips and leisure vacations.  However, some hospitality companies struggle to keep up with technology trends and, as a result, their websites have become major roadblocks for travelers.  By not providing a mobile-optimized website for travelers, hotels can make their online user experience challenging or worse, completely prohibitive.

To ensure our hotel partners have every opportunity to capture the growing number of mobile bookings, innRoad provides a Mobile Booking Engine as a premium add-on for our cloud-based property management system.  Our Mobile Booking Engine is just as powerful as our website version, but it’s specifically designed and optimized for mobile devices – giving global travelers the ability to book hotel rooms fast and easy while on-the-go.

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Our Booking Engines, both website and mobile, are just two of our advanced technology solutions designed specifically for hoteliers who wish to improve their operations and enhance the full-cycle guest experience.  Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned as well further explore how innRoad’s cloud-based property management system positions hotels for success.