Hospitality management systems checklist for independent hoteliers

As 2014 winds down, hoteliers are preparing to take advantage of the opportunities that are expected to present themselves in the new year.  In the latest 2015 forecast from STR and Tourism Economics, occupancy is predicted to rise 0.7% to 64.2%, ADR to increase 4.4% to US$120.13, RevPAR to grow 5.2% to US$77.17, demand to increase 2.1% and supply to rise 1.3%.  With these figures pointing to a prosperous 2015, operators should be strategizing how to capitalize on the industry’s strong momentum, ramp up their businesses and separate their hotels from the competition with hospitality management systems.

As added-value for our independent hotel partners who trust innRoad’s cloud-based software to power their properties and manage over 15,000 guestrooms, we are providing a hospitality management systems checklist to ensure your hotel is fully prepared for a successful 2015.  And for those who are curious about innRoad’s functions and capabilities, this checklist will provide great insight on how operators are currently utilizing our hospitality management systems to streamline their operations, increase reservations and revenue and drive more profits to their bottom lines.

Conduct a website refresh

As we have discussed previously, a hotel’s website is its most valuable marketing tool.  However, a common oversight made by operators is not regularly refreshing their website content and ensuring it contains all the necessary information needed by potential and current guests.  By performing regular website maintenance, such as updating property descriptions, checking for broken hyperlinks and refreshing dated photography, operators will ensure their website, enhanced with the innRoad’s Booking Engine – one of our core hospitality management systems, continues to deliver the reservations and revenue needed to drive their business forward.

Fully utilize reporting capabilities

When designing our hospitality management systems, our goal was to provide our hotel partners with every tool needed to achieve long-term success.  But in speaking with clients who have an established routine for executing daily tasks and taking care of their guests, many times they have yet to fully maximize all of innRoad’s capabilities, especially in the area of reporting.  innRoad provides operators with a host of quickly accessible reports that provide real-time data about reservations, accounting, daily sales, housekeeping and much more.  We encourage our partners to take the time to explore, through self-discovery or by speaking with your dedicated implementation manager, how innRoad’s reporting features can help propel your business forward.

Establish performance goals

As noted above, industry-wide hotel performance in 2015 is predicted to build upon the solid results posted this year.  But of course, each individual hotel is responsible for efficiently managing their operations and delivering exceptional levels of hospitality to their guests.  Top operators know that the best way to achieve success is to establish performance goals and regularly review them to ensure their business remains on-track.  By utilizing our Revenue Manager, hoteliers have access to their most critical performance metrics, such as ADR, RevPAR and occupancy, as well as historical data.  Conducting a thorough analysis of past performance and focusing on forwarding trends will allow operators to set realistic goals and develop a plan for leveraging innRoad’s hospitality management systems to achieve strong year-over-year growth.

We hope that the tips and advice presented above help you to further maximize innRoad’s hospitality management systems to meet and surpass your goals for 2015.  As always, feel free to contact your dedicated implementation manager or any member of our support team at or 1.855.inn.road with questions and let us help you keep your hotel on its path to profits and success.