Keep up productivity with a web-based hotel management system

PRODUCTIVITYManaging an independent hotel is one of the most challenging endeavors in the hospitality industry.  For as much time that hoteliers spend leading team members, they must devote more to their guests or else risk the long-term health of their business.  Layered within these responsibilities are the numerous processes, policies and systems that operators utilize to ensure their properties perform at the highest level, produce strong revenues and, ultimately, generate sustainable profits.

The summary above provides just a snapshot of the “weight” that rests on the shoulders of independent hotel operators.  Hoteliers who are in-tune with their business know that trying to directly manage every responsibility is a recipe for disaster, so they surround themselves with solid management teams and provide them with the proper tools to take ownership of and excel in their roles.

Though empowering team members is ideal, we know this does not occur within every hotel.  Many times, well-intentioned managers inadvertently hinder productivity by underestimating the impact modern technology has on creating workflow efficiencies that allow team members to finish tasks quickly and spend valuable time building relationships with guests.

As a web-based hotel management system provider, we speak with hoteliers about enhancing their hotel operations daily. When describing innRoad’s web-based hotel management system, we detail the capabilities of our core technology solutions, including our Property Manager, Booking Engine, Global Distribution and Hotel Revenue Manager, but we also provide real work-life examples of how innRoad eases everyday responsibilities for independent hotel operators.  Here are a couple anecdotes that we enjoy sharing with hoteliers:

innRoad provides mobility

“With innRoad, I am a portable reservation center. I can be in my car, I can be on the other side of the property, my guests don’t know the difference.” – Michael Casper, Private Hotel + Pure Food, Ithaca, NY

Our Access Anywhere platform is one of the most vital features of our web-based hotel management system.  As noted by our client Michael Casper, innRoad allows him to remain in control of his property from anywhere.  Not only is this great for delivering guest hospitality, but it allows team members to work independently while managers are away.  However, with web-based connectivity, managers can still access innRoad in real-time and support hotel operations, whenever they are needed.

innRoad provides worry-free technology

“With innRoad being cloud-based, we have no worries about replacing hardware or keeping up with hardware updates. innRoad saves us so many headaches.” – Richard Avery, Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs, Ouray, CO

Our clients praise our web-based hotel management system for many reasons, but we really appreciate hearing how innRoad makes their lives easier and worry-free.  Because innRoad operates through the cloud and requires no special hardware, we take on the responsibility of updating and maintaining our hotel management systems.  By removing this burden from operators, they can work confidently knowing that technical issues will not halt their team’s progress or impact the guest experience.

These anecdotes highlight just a few of the many benefits hoteliers receive from our web-based hotel management system.  Our goal is to ensure hotels run smoothly and help operators deliver memorable experiences to their guests, so that’s why we are inviting hoteliers to try innRoad absolutely free for 2 full weeksRegister today and learn more about why operators across North American rely on innRoad to power their hotels to long-term success.