Tips for getting the most out of your booking engine software

bellWhen hoteliers partner with innRoad, they receive a full complement of advanced, web-based tools, as well as premium customer support, which allows for enhanced management of daily operations and greater opportunities to increase revenue and profits.  Included within innRoad’s hotel property management suite is our website booking engine software.  With innRoad’s booking engine software, owners and operators are able to transform their existing hotel website into a commission-free reservations booking center.  innRoad’s booking engine software not only supplies hoteliers with a mechanism for increasing reservations and revenue, it provides travelers with a new channel for discovering and booking hotel rooms.

To maximize the benefits of innRoad’s booking engine software, hoteliers must develop a strategy that increases their website traffic and, in turn, provides more opportunities for converting leads into revenue.  When asked by clients and potential partners how to best leverage our booking engine software, we share that the key is to drive quality and qualified traffic to their newly enhanced website.

In defining “quality and qualified traffic,” we view this as online users who have displayed an interest in traveling and potentially booking hotel rooms.  There are many high cost services across the web that promise to deliver qualified leads, but we suggest taking a simple, low-cost approach to generating and sustaining quality web traffic.  To achieve this, we recommend establishing an easy-to-manage online referral network that helps validate some of the incoming traffic for your hotel’s website and increases opportunities for capturing reservations through innRoad’s booking engine software.

Here are a few recommended strategies for getting the most out of innRoad’s booking engine software:

Leverage innRoad’s global distribution services
Our clients receive global distribution services as part of innRoad’s property management software package.  In addition to capturing reservations and revenue through online travel agents (OTAs), like and Expedia, it serves as the perfect complement to our booking engine software.

Online consumer behavior research has shown that some travelers utilize OTAs to research hotels, but then book their stays directly on hotel websites.  By having a presence on OTAs and the capability to capture reservations directly through their website, hotel operators enhance their online positioning and multiply their opportunities to secure revenue from hotel guests who thoroughly plan their travel experiences.

Partner with state and city tourism organizations
Across the U.S., state and city tourism organizations work to draw attention from travelers around the world to the attractions and activities that make their destination unique.  To enhance their value proposition for visitors, they partner with hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues and provide them with channels through which they can promote their offerings to potential guests.

Establishing partnerships with state and city tourism organizations is an efficient way to target qualified website leads from tourists.  Hoteliers can be confident knowing that leads originating from the organization’s websites, online ads and social media channels likely come from users who are exploring options for their next trip.  With this traffic comes greater potential for bookings, so with innRoad’s booking engine software integrated into a hotel’s website, operators have all the tools needed to convert potential into profits.

Competing for hotel guests is an ongoing challenge for operators, but utilizing the right tools for streamlining and simplifying the process greatly reduces the work required to achieve the desired results.  With innRoad’s booking engine software, hoteliers are equipped with a powerful tool for booking more reservations, capturing increased revenue and generating greater profits.

Try our booking engine software, along with our complete hotel management system, during a 14-day free trial Register today and put your hotel on its path to profits.