How does your independent hotel stack up against the competition?

Day in and day out, independent hoteliers are consumed with making sure their property is operating efficiently, meeting guest expectations and, most importantly, generating revenue.  Hotel-GraderThe downside of this occupational “tunnel vision” is that it becomes difficult to look beyond their in-house operations and keep a pulse on their local market competitors.  So, unfortunately, sometimes it requires hitting an unexpected bump in the road, like a drop in occupancy, to realize their competitors are capturing a larger share of the market.

Remaining competitive requires operators to be informed and in-tune with their neighboring independent hotels and branded ones.  To help independent hoteliers collect the data needed to stay ahead of the competitive curve, as well as avoid being caught off-guard, we’ve launched the innRoad Hotel Grader.  Our new tool is designed specifically to give independent hotel operators the insight needed to better understand their competitors, including their rates, online booking channels and consumer ratings.  Additionally, we provide each independent hotel with a custom recommendation detailing their potential for maximizing rates, capturing more reservations and, ultimately, gaining the competitive advantage necessary to become a leading independent hotel in their local market.

See how your independent hotel stacks up against the competition today with the innRoad Hotel Grader.