Social Media 101 for Independent Hoteliers

“Pinning” “Posting” “Tweeting” “Mentions” “Retweeting” “Followers” “Hashtag” “Timeline”

Depending on your comfort with social media, the words above either have meaning or they resemble something from a foreign language. Untitled design(8) The rise of social media has not only changed how we communicate, it’s introduced new buzz words that are used regularly just about everywhere, including local newspapers and the evening news.  However, if you’re an independent hotelier who doesn’t use social media, trying to figure out what “pinning,” “posting” and “tweeting” has to do with increasing reservations and driving revenue can be a confusing and intimidating process, especially when you already have more than enough on your “To Do” list.

Getting the hang of using social media for your hotel can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.  There are countless independent hotels that have successfully leveraged social media to enhance their digital presence, engage with past and potential guests, and, most importantly, convert their online interactions into revenue.  They key is learning about the most popular networks before diving into the “deep end” of the social media pool.

To help our partners learn the basics of social media, we’ve published, “Social Media 101 for Independent Hoteliers – Which Platform is Right for You?”  Within, you’ll find an overview of the most popular social networks, tips for publishing engaging content and advice for building a loyal following.  Growing your social media communities takes patience and practice, but with some quality work and dedication, your hotel’s online profile will look great in no time.

Click here to download “Social Media 101 for Independent Hoteliers – Which Platform is Right for You?”