3 Website Essentials EVERY Independent Hotelier Needs

With the countdown to the summer travel season in full swing, independent hoteliers are busy preparing their properties for guests traveling far and near for some fun and relaxation.  In 3 Website Essentials for Hoteliersaddition to the increase in foot traffic walking through hotel lobbies, an even higher number of people will be browsing independent hotel websites for information to enhance their travel plans.  To ensure travelers have the best pre-arrival, online experience, here are a few essential tools that every independent hotelier should incorporate into their website.

Booking Engine and Reservation Software
Competition within and around the independent hotel segment is increasing aggressively.  More hoteliers are bypassing global brand franchise opportunities in favor of building their own, one-of-a-kind independent hotel business, vacation rentals are skyrocketing in popularity, especially among younger travelers, and the big brands are doing their best to appear smaller by launching collections of associated boutique propertiesWith more lodging options in the marketplace, independent operators who aim to withstand this flurry of activity must ensure their guest-facing sales channels are enhanced and optimized to capture revenue-generating reservations from global travelers.

With innRoad’s cloud-based hotel property management system, independent hotel operators can set their website apart from competitors with our Booking Engine and Reservation Software. A core feature of our hotel management solution, our technology is seamlessly integrated into existing independent hotel websites.  With our powerful booking engine, guests can view available dates and rates in real-time, select their preferred room type and quickly book reservations in one, easy to navigate online session.  And for tech-savvy guests, our Mobile Booking Engine is the perfect upgrade for hoteliers looking to target this on-the-go traveler segment.

The days of calling and emailing the front desk for bookings are over.  With innRoad’s booking engine and reservation software, hoteliers put their guests in complete control of a faster and more efficient booking process.

Directions and Traffic Updates
After harsh winters, road repair crews are a common sight along major highways and roads during the summer.  While GPS-enabled devices can easily guide travelers to their destination, they do not always account for traffic delays and detours caused by construction.  Hotel operators can help their guests better navigate their city by providing links to local traffic websites or updating their website to note alternate routes during long-term construction projects.  This simple addition will go a long way with guests who’ve spent hours traveling by air, land or sea and want nothing more than to settle into their welcoming hotel room.

Local Weather
Weather can make or break a vacation experience, but in the pre-departure scramble, it’s one of those minor details that travelers easily overlook.  Operators can incorporate a simple widget or links to weather services on their website to provide their guests with real-time weather updates.  A quick online search will produce various widgets and tools that can be easily integrated into an independent hotel’s existing website.  The weather will always be beyond an hotelier’s control, but this simple website improvement can help their guests prepare for whatever nature brings.

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