4 Ways to Maximize Your Independent Hotel’s Public Space

In many communities, independent hotels serve as “the spoon that stirs the pot” in regards to local business and social activities.  Their restaurants and bars provide an intimate and relaxed Communityenvironment for meetings and functions.  And amenities, such as lobbies, courtyards and pools, are great for blending guests and members of the community for fun gatherings.  For independent hoteliers, not only is this activity great for driving incremental revenue, it creates a welcoming atmosphere for guests and locals, and ultimately helps drive their business forward.

Here are a few ideas for maximizing your independent hotel’s public space and making it a focal point of your community:

Individual Workspaces
With the rise in the number of people working from home and as independent contractors, many individuals are in need of workspace that allows for meetings, as well as opportunities to simply interact with other professionals.  Independent hotels can help fill this need by renting out their conference rooms and other spaces.  By including access to reliable Wi-Fi, telephones, a photocopier/scanner and snacks, hoteliers can provide a comfortable and collaborate workspace for individuals who prefer to work in busy environments or simply want to get out of their homes.

Pop-up Events
Every day, countless retailers and artists open online storefronts on sites like eBay with goals of selling their goods to the public.  Even though online shopping is routine for millions, it will never replace the experience of seeing and touching products in-person.  Independent hotels can help small retailers deliver this experience to consumers by hosting pop-up events.  By allowing local retailers to sell goods in their public spaces in exchange for a fee, hoteliers will drive lots of foot traffic and create great exposure for their property, as well as serve as a great partner to their local community.

Farmers Market
Similar to the pop-up events, hosting a weekly farmers market is a great way to bridge the gap between local farmers and the greater community.  More and more consumers are looking for the “locally grown” label on their food products, so hosting a farmers market is great way to help consumers get the goods they want, as well as support other local, small businesses.

Eat and Drink Together
Traditionally, hotel restaurants under-perform when compared to stand-alone eateries.  A creative way to garner greater exposure for in-hotel restaurants is to partner with popular neighborhood restaurants to create a community food tasting that is hosted at the hotel.  By collaborating to craft a menu, sell tickets and promote the event, all restaurants will benefit from the shared exposure, but as the event host, independent hoteliers will benefit the most due to the community gathering on-property to enjoy this tasty event.

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