Why your guests don’t “LIKE” your social media content

In continuing our Social Media Tips for Independent Hoteliers series, we’ve reached the step that operators are always most curious about – why their fans silent don’t “like” and comment onHaven't seen any _likes_ in a while_ their social media pages?  We’d love to give you a quick and easy answer, but as we’ve discussed previously, social media growth takes time and effort, so the same applies to building relationships and developing ongoing dialogues.

The motto, “if you build it, they will come,” may have worked in the movies, but this is not the strategy independent hoteliers should follow when building their social media communities.  Operators must be proactive in generating momentum on social media and a great way to do this is to interact with pages that already share great content, have engaged followers and are related to the travel and hospitality industries.  For example, by liking and commenting on pages operated by vendors, industry associations, travel media outlets, tourism groups, OTAs, and other travel and hospitality-related organizations, you create opportunities for social media users to click back to your hotel’s pages, consume and interact with your content and, ultimately, learn more about your property.

Again, there is no magical way achieve social media success, but there are several strategies that can help you along the way.  In our latest free report, “Why your guests don’t “LIKE” your social media content,” we provide tips on how to jumpstart the activity on your pages and entice fans to engage with your content.  Download your copy and get started today.

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