3 reasons why independent hoteliers must embrace #TravelTuesday

TravelTuesday for independent hoteliers

If you’ve spent time watching TV, browsing the internet or speaking with anyone who uses social media, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the word “hashtag.” If you’ve heard it, but have no idea what it is or what it means, it’s simply the updated word for the “number” or “pound” sign on your computer or cell phone keypad. On social media, it’s used to make certain words and phrases searchable. For example, if you search “#NYC” on Twitter or Instagram, you will be able to sort through millions of tweets and photos tagged with these three letters – though we’re sure you have better ways to spend your time!
All joking aside, there is one hashtag that independent hoteliers must embrace on social media: #TravelTuesday. A simple search on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ reveals a massive number of social media users, from tourism agencies, hotels, adventure groups, bloggers, magazines and, of course, individual travelers from around the world, sharing photos, stories and other great content all related to travel. If there is one hashtag independent hoteliers use on social media, it needs to be #TravelTuesday!

Here are 3 reasons why:

#TravelTuesday creates a weekly destination for social media users

“When is the best day and time to post?” is one of the most debated questions among social media users. With so much content flowing through timelines, finding the perfect posting time can take lots of trial and error. However, #TravelTuesday provides hoteliers with a dedicated day each week when travel-minded people are actively searching for content specifically tailored for them. For independent hoteliers, this is the perfect opportunity to share eye-catching photos, unique stories and engaging videos that will encourage users to click onto your pages and learn more about your hotel.

#TravelTuesday connects independent hoteliers with the global travel community

In addition to travelers, searching the #TravelTuesday hashtag will identify other members of the global travel community. Vendors, media, associations and other hotels all use #TravelTuesday, so you’ll be able to see the type of content they are sharing and they level of engagement they receive. Additionally, social media can help you identify potential partners that can help drive your business forward. Today, countless relationships are forged simply by exchanging messages over social media. Give it a try, you never know where a simple tweet can lead you!

#TravelTuesday keeps social media fun

For independent hotel operators, social media is a legitimate marketing and promotions channel, but it should always remain fun. #TravelTuesday is your weekly invitation to spend time communicating directly with your followers, sharing great content, exploring what others are doing and, most importantly, making sure you are getting the most out of your social media communities. When social media users get bored with companies and brands, they unfollow them. Make sure you keep every follower you’ve worked so hard to earn by staying engaged and giving them great content to look forward to every #TravelTuesday.

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