Independent Hoteliers: 3 Reasons Why the Cloud Isn’t as Scary as You Think

It’s no secret that cloud systems are on the rise, but for many the term is still unfamiliar and perplexing. With so many “cloud” companies out there, it can get confusing.
It leaves many wondering what exactly the cloud is and the benefits of using such a system.

What is the cloud?
First and foremost a true cloud system only requires internet access. If you can access your favorite website, you can access your cloud based property management system. It is a term that is used way too frequently; you don’t need to download a special browser or application in order to access your property management system nor should you have to. Simply speaking, cloud systems allow you to access whatever you may like (i.e. photos, emails, data) whether you may be halfway across the globe, on your couch, or at your front desk.

Regain your independence
By giving you access anywhere, anytime, cloud solutions liberate you and your operations from the confines of a premise based solution. You no longer have to worry about your computers or servers crashing. Cloud systems allow property owners to be away from their property at any given time but still be able to check availability, run reports, and manage rates to maximize ADR and RevPAR.

When your property management system has been downloaded on your computer or is running off of servers on property, your entire operation is relying on that software and that server. We all know technology is not perfect. So what happens when your computer or server crashes? Typically, you lose everything. All of your data is gone. With a cloud solution if your computer crashes just jump on another computer, log onto the internet, and you have access to your PMS. It is that simple!

Level the playing field
Because cloud systems are significantly less expensive than premise based solutions, independent hotels are able to access the same tools as their big branded competitors. There is no need to worry about hardware, maintaining servers, and employing IT staff to look over such hardware. Independent hoteliers can focus their attention and budget elsewhere. By utilizing a cloud based property management system, the only thing that you have to worry about is the guest.

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