Independent hotels, here’s a solution to eliminating bad employee hires

Staffing is one of the most complex responsibilities faced by all independent hotel operators.  Finding the right blend of people to help operate your hotel is the ultimate balancing act.  Each phase of the process, including interviewing, hiring, training and daily management, requires time, energy and dollars – regardless if the employee turns out to be a good hire or not.

As an independent hotelier, we know you have plenty of important responsibilities to worry about without having to analyze the risk and cost associated with hiring new employees.  Fortunately, we have a solution that allows you to improve efficiency and increase flexibility among your current staff without having to hire new team members.  Our cloud-based independent hotel management software provides the technology needed to maximize the potential of your employees.  Our fully integrated system includes four primary components designed specifically to meet the demands of your busy workday:

Property Management System (PMS)
Our PMS streamlines and eases all of the critical functions required to operate a successful independent hotel.  From fast check-in/out and easy billing to group management and comprehensive reporting, innRoad reduces the amount of time and number of people needed to complete these important tasks.  With the efficiencies created by innRoad, team members have more time to spend with guests and ensure first-class hospitality remains the top priority.

We were thinking about hiring more people, but decided to implement innRoad. So instead of paying $5,000 a month for the equivalent of 1.5 full-time employees, we’re now paying a fraction of that for the innRoad service.

Al Ridolfo – General Manager, Chelsea Pines Inn

Booking Engine
innRoad’s Booking Engine transforms your website from a digital billboard into a revenue-driving sales channel.  Sixty percent of hotel reservations are made online, so instead of directing guests to call the front desk, they can select dates, view real-time availability and rates and book rooms without leaving your website.  Not only does innRoad help drive reservations and revenue, it eliminates manual processes and minimizes opportunities for employee mistakes.

Global Distribution
In today’s competitive marketplace, even the most skilled Sales & Marketing teams need to cast a larger net to attract enough guests to hit revenue and reservations goals.  innRoad’s Global Distribution platform connects independent hotels to the most powerful global distribution systems (GDS) and popular, guest-facing online travel agents (OTA), like, Orbitz, Expedia and  With an enhanced digital presence, you can capture the balanced mix of online and offline reservations needed to ensure long-term success.

Having innRoad is like having another employee. With the time we save we can spend more time with our guests, making sure they have the best experience possible.

Steve Soldatovich – CEO, SolVen Hospitality

Revenue Manager
Setting daily rates, monitoring occupancy, optimizing performance and maximizing profitability are more than enough tasks to occupy a full-time job.  However, this is just ONE of countless responsibilities held by independent hotel operators.  With innRoad’s Revenue Manager, each of these tasks is streamlined for fast and easy access.  No more manual processes, guesswork or mistakes – just simpler operations and more time to exceed your guests’ expectations.

To learn more about how innRoad solves independent hoteliers’ staffing challenges, download our client case studies highlighting Chelsea Pines Inn and SolVen Hospitality.

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