5 Tips for Getting the Most from HITEC 2015

innRoad is excited to announce that we will be returning to the annual Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference, HITEC 2015, from June 15 – 18 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.  HITEC attendees can visit our booth #333 to experience live demonstrations of our fully integrated independent hotel management software.  HITEC is one of the most influential trade shows, so to help our colleagues in the hospitality community maximize their time and opportunities presented by this event, here are 5 tips for getting the most from HITEC 2015.

1)    Attend with a plan and goals in mind.
With over 300 vendors occupying 130,000 square feet, simply walking the floor of HITEC 2015 can be overwhelming.  To ensure that you return home with the information you need, create a HITEC action plan and establish goals before you arrive.  Whether you are looking to increase bookings, enhance the guest experience or improve operations, dedicate time toward setting 3-5 goals and researching vendors who can help you achieve them.  With a well-crafted action plan, you’ll be more efficient, focused and able to achieve all of your goals.

2)    Achieve total buy-in from your trade show team.
Because HITEC is such a large event, many hotel operators and owners attend with team members and rely on the ‘divide and conquer’ method to take in as much as possible.  While this can be more efficient, you will not achieve your goals if your team members do not understand what you want to accomplish.  After developing your action plan, share it with your team and discuss the best way to divide responsibilities.  Throughout the event, adjust your goals and responsibilities as needed, so the experience is enjoyable and productive for everyone.

3)    Purposely go off-track.
The great benefit of having an action plan is that it quickly gets you back on track if you get distracted.  So with your plan in hand, purposely go off-track and explore opportunities that are not on your goals list.  Have you ever thought about streamlining your HR functions with Human Capital Management (HCM) software or upgrading your phones with a new PBX or switching to VOIP?  With hundreds of technology providers in one place, make time to meet with vendors on your ‘wish list’ and learn about their products.  Even if you are years away from investing in new technology, you will at least have a solid starting point when the time comes.

4)    Network, network, network!
We all get consumed by the day-to-day cycles of our personal and professional lives.  And, unfortunately, this usually leaves little time to do one of the most essential business tasks – networking.  Having a reliable and knowledgeable network keeps you on the forefront of new trends, makes it easier to ask for a favor and serves a great support system with the unexpected occurs.  HITEC is the perfect place to meet other hospitality industry professionals and build relationships you can rely on in the future.

5)    Visit with innRoad.
As mentioned above, stop by the innRoad booth #333 to meet our team, experience live demonstrations of our fully integrated independent hotel management software and register for a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD.  We look forward to seeing you at HITEC 2015.

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