Learn how to improve your hotel's ranking and grow your reach on OTAs.

5 Tips to Improve Your Hotel’s Ranking – Now!

Recently I sat in on a lecture given by OTA reps. Everyone was there-Expedia, Hotwire, Booking.com, and Orbitz. While the talk was geared towards hoteliers and not vendors, I love attending educational seminars and sharing any useful information with our clients. One thing really resonated with me-OTA ranking and how to improve your hotel’s ranking.

You would think that consumer reviews equate to a property’s ranking? Right?

Wrong. Well at least partially.

While at first it seemed a bit counter-intuitive to me, there’s a science to how to improve your hotel’s ranking.

•    Have at least 4 pictures of each of your room classes (you could see a 2.5% increase in conversion rates!)
•    Double the number of property pictures you have on an OTA and see your booking rate increase by 4.5%!
•    Make sure to have complete room descriptions and a detailed property one. Doing so can lead to a 5% increase in your take up rate.
•    Have 50+ reviews and see a 2% higher conversion rate than those who don’t.

Now from my experience dealing with hotel owners. There is one tip I have for those struggling with their OTA placement:

•    Develop a relationship with your market manager. He or she is the one who will be the first to see new booking behaviors. Being aware of these trends ensures you are one step ahead. Additionally, your market manager can also point out what areas you can improve on.

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