Go above and beyond with these 3 hotel customer service tips

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in – great customer service is great customer service. And in the hospitality industry, great hotel customer service is still great hotel customer service.

I was recently reminded of what I consider exemplary customer service. While I was at brunch this past weekend, a friend of mine was brought a dish she didn’t order (due to dietary restrictions). When the restaurant realized their mistake, the manager came over and apologized profusely, and as they prepped her meal-a waiter brought out a beautiful salad for her to nosh on as she waited.

This level of customer service is the epitome of going above and beyond. Instead of dwelling on the fact she was brought something she couldn’t eat, we all gabbed about how incredible the restaurant was. As a result, she left a glowing review on Yelp.

This salad realistically cost the restaurant hardly anything. But what would a bad review have cost them? New reservations? Revenue? While we’re talking about a restaurant, the same applies to hotels. With 95% of travelers looking to reviews before booking a hotel reservation-no one can afford bad reviews.

Here are a few tips for when an employee slips up (because we all know it happens):
1.    Start with an “I’m sorry.” Nothing is more powerful or comforting.
2.    Create and execute a plan of action-what can you do to improve the situation.
3.    Follow up with the guest afterwards-nothing makes a guest feel better than showing you care.

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