paid digital media for independent hotels

Here’s why guests are getting lost while searching for your hotel

There was once a time when independent hotels relied heavily on large roadside billboards to grab the attention of travelers as they drove by.  The billboard strategy still works today, but rather than looking out of car windows, travelers are searching along the digital highway for hotels.  Does your independent hotel leverage digital tools and ads to draw guests onto your property?  Or will they continue to get lost and find their way into the lobbies of your competitors?

In our latest report, Paid Digital Media & Marketing Tips for Independent Hotels, we explore the world of paid digital media and how it impacts all areas of independent hotel operations, including marketing, reservations and revenue management.  As you know, travel planning can be a weeks or months-long process for some travelers and over that time period, they sort through dozens of hotels in search of the property that will deliver the best experience.

Independent hotel operators can keep themselves top-of-mind during travel planning by utilizing paid digital media products, like online travel agents (OTAs), digital ads and social media, as online billboards.  With a strong digital presence, independent hotels can bolster their online reputation, strengthen search results and increase online and offline awareness for their property.  And by staying in the digital conversation, independent hoteliers can better position themselves for when travelers are finally ready to book their reservations.

Learn more about improving your hotel’s digital marketing strategy by downloading a free copy of Paid Digital Media & Marketing Tips for Independent Hotels today.

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