Hoteliers, stop using multiple systems to manage your property!

How many cell phones do you have?
1, right?

When I look at independent hoteliers who have a PMS, a Channel Manager and a booking engine. It’s like looking at a person who has three cell phones, one that you use to text, one that you make calls with and another to send or check emails, I think we can all agree having three cell phones would be silly, so why do independent hoteliers have three systems: a PMS a Channel Manager and a Booking Engine?

They shouldn’t. Not anymore.

When the innRoad team and I travel to tradeshows, we are constantly reminded of how much we have changed the game for many hoteliers. People come to our booth and cannot comprehend how we offer an all-in-one solution.
By offering the following functions all wrapped into one package, innRoad is transforming the industry and freeing up hoteliers’ time one property at a time.

•    Property Management System: Streamline operations by accessing your PMS anywhere, anytime
•    Booking Engine: Take reservations directly on your website with innRoad’s completely customizable, commission-free booking engine and have them go directly into your PMS
•    Global Distribution: Connect to thousands of travel agents globally through innRoad’s distribution services

Read more about the innRoad advantage in our Chelsea Pines Inn Case Study, where a 22 room guesthouse reduced reservation time by 50% and was able to reinvest their time in order to rise to be the number one hotel on TripAdvisor in New York City.