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Independent hoteliers: how do you improve?

I am obsessed with marketing. I think I realized it in high school when I started to watch commercials and think “why did they say it that way if they want women to purchase their brand of soda?” I liked to think about why people made purchasing decisions. So, a couple of years out of college when I realized I couldn’t make another sales call I went back to school, took a pay cut, and followed my passion for marketing. A *few* years later, I am still obsessed with marketing. And now, I can help get independent hoteliers to consider innRoad, and then, I get to help Independent Hoteliers market their unique properties to their guests. 

One of the things I love about marketing is that it’s always changing. There is always something new to learn, a new tool or tactic or a better way to target your audience. I like to call it my “bag of tricks.” I will be the first to admit that it can be overwhelming. I think that’s one of the reasons hotel marketing is fun. There are a bunch of different channels (OTAs, Social Media, Your Website, etc), but the tenets are the same:

  1. Provide a great experience for your guests
  2. Get them to tell their friends
  3. Rinse & repeat

The first on this list is probably the hardest. Providing a great experience for your guests, is not an easy task, when you consider the wide range of guests you host and just the craziness of human behavior, it’s impossible to provide a perfect experience every single time. So, how do you improve? How do you not get overwhelmed? Where do you go to find out what your competitors are doing? Tell me how you do it: @innRoad or @thereasaf

If you want to get a free report of just how well your doing against your competitors, we can put together a Hotel Grader report, that analyzes the nearby hotels and their online ratings and their rates. Maybe that will help you feeling a little less overwhelmed?

Get the Hotel Grader Report here.

Thereasa Roy VP Marketing innRoad