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What every independent hotelier must know about digital media

In the brick and mortar world of hotel operations, independent hoteliers are well aware of the challenges of competing against large, corporate hotel brands for bookings and revenue.  Million dollar marketing budgets create a competitive advantage and provide name recognition that allows some individual properties to sustain success even though the guest experience falls short of expectations.  However, a shift in traveler preferences and the advancement of digital media is leveling the playing field, so dollars that were once earmarked for major brands are now flowing toward independent hotels.

Digital media allows independent hoteliers to launch creative marketing campaigns that rival major brands, but without the budget-busting cost.  Independent hotels are growing in popularity because of their ability to deliver the unique experiences travelers’ desire.  With interest at an all-time high, there’s never been a better time to leverage digital media to connect with travelers, stand out in the marketplace, capture more reservations and increase annual revenue.

In our latest series of reports for independent hoteliers, we dive into the nuts and bolts of what every operator must know about digital media.  We take deep dive into the three segments of digital media, Earned, Owned and Paid, and how they can be utilized to launch awareness-driving, revenue-increasing marketing campaigns.  However, before getting started, here are a few additional tips to help you craft the perfect digital media campaign:

1)    Establish specific goals and objectives: The internet can resemble the old Wild West, unknown and without boundaries, so it’s critical to establish specific goals and objectives to help you achieve the desired ROI from your digital marketing campaign.  Knowing the type of guest you want to target, time of year when you want to drive bookings and impact your operational budget can sustain will help ensure your campaign is successful.

2)    Partner with the right digital marketing agency: The world of digital media is complex, so it’s important to have the right partner to guide you through the process.  Partner with an agency that specializes in digital marketing and buying digital media.  Or at the very least, two separate agencies that have a strong working relationship.  They key is to partner with an agency who can help flesh out your goals, create and manage an exciting strategy and achieve your objectives on-budget.

3)    Create an honest budget: Your budget will dictate the capabilities of your campaign, so it’s critical to understand exactly how much you can afford to spend and share this amount with your digital marketing agency.  An experienced agency has worked with budgets of all sizes, so the more information and detail you provide about your budget and campaign needs, the better your chances for a successful digital campaign.

Launching a digital media campaign takes a lot of work, but the results can easily make the endeavor worth it.  Learn more about creating an awesome digital media campaign by downloading our latest reports:

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