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Family travel: Attract these folks now with these tips!

Multi-generational groups are a major market—accounting for about a third of the family travel market— and they’re a frequently-traveling, high spending group that’s not necessarily tied to Disney.

Multi-gen travel varies; iterations include the classic three-generation group; grandparents traveling with a grandchild; or a group of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who are practically like family. But they share certain traits.

1.    They travel more than other travelers, accounting for more than 27% of all overnight leisure travel, and traveling 18 nights a year as opposed to 10 for other travelers.
2.    Kidfluencers count. Eighty-five percent of families give kids some say in where they go.
3.    Pools rule. Seventy-nine percent of families want one.
4.    They’re an active and energetic group looking for unique experiences.
5.    Kids outgrow theme parks. Younger kids go for total immersion with Mickey, but older kids are drawn to cities and more unique experiences.

How to tap into this?

Family and friends are a major resource for this group, points out Rainer Jens, president and founder of the Family Travel Association ( But so is social media—multi-gen travelers post more travel content, including videos and photos, than other travelers.

That makes social media—Facebook, Twitter and, increasingly, Instagram—the go-to marketing platform. The three messages to emphasize, in both text and images,  are:

1.    Family friendly. Say it, show it.
2.    Unique experience. Showcase features such as a beautiful garden or an welcoming fire in the fireplace.
3.    Local attractions. Feature nearby water parks, outdoor outfitters or historic attractions. The family that plays together, stays together.
Kate Rice New York Travel Journalist