attract millennial travelers to independent hotel with the experience

How to tap into the #millennial market!

If you’re selling travel, millennials are your market.

Raised to consider travel a birthright rather than a luxury, millennials intend to keep on traveling—more so than other generations. And when they travel, they aren’t looking to veg out. They want to fully experience wherever they visit.

The luxury travel group Virtuoso tracked its customers’ spending by generation and found some surprising facts about millennials:

•    Mature travelers and baby boomer households spend more annually on travel. But millennials spend 11% more per day. They may have less time to travel than their elders, but when they do, they go for it.
•    They want unique experiences. Fifty percent more millennials go to Africa than boomers, Virtuoso numbers show. Close and exotic works, too. Take Mexico, which is relatively inexpensive to fly to, but  is jam-packed with a variety of experiences. Millennials are willing to spend the money they save on air on zip lining, river rafting or archeological tours.
•    They’re curious. Thirty-nine percent say the opportunity to learn something new is either extremely or very important, according to Resonance Report’s 2015 Report on the Millennial Traveler. That compares to about 30% for travelers 35 and up. More  than a third are looking for “good cultural attractions.”

How to tap into this?

•    Showcase local attractions on your website and Facebook page.
•    Instagram it! Feature unique aspects of your hotel as well as historic sites area parks and activities.
•    Embrace hashtags. Search for hashtags for cultural institutions, local excursions and activities—and use them!

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Kate Rice New York Travel Journalist